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  1. b-Vibe X MOVEMBER

    Movember is an annual event in which people grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

    We at b-Vibe are big fans of this meaningful event and in 2018, we created this Ultimate Guide to Prostate Play to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding prostate pleasure.

    Mr. Mostate the prostate character raising awareness for Movember


    The cool thing about prostate-play is that regardless of your sexuality you can still enjoy it if you are a penis owner. Yet, a lot of men are hesitant about receiving anal pleasure. Enjoying prostate stimulation has nothing to do with your sexual preference or identity. It just means that you’re open-minded and sexually explorative enough to indulge in another method of mind-blowing orgasms.


    Prostate FAQ: a guide to your prostate & prostate-play.
  3. 01What is the prostate?

    The prostate (also known as the P-spot) is a walnut-sized gland in the male reproductive system that produces a milky-like fluid that combines with sperm to form ejaculate.

    It can be stimulated through the rectum, and this stimulation, according to prostate-play lovers, can lead to incredible, full body orgasms.

    How to stimulate your prostate for an orgasm.
    How to find your prostate.

    02Where is the prostate located?

    The prostate rests below the bladder and next to the rectum. It's not located in the rectum, but you can feel it through the rectum’s front wall. To find it, insert a toy or a finger about 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) inside and angle it toward your belly button. The prostate feels like a walnut or cherry tomato-sized bump that is squishy to the touch, with a dip around it.

    03How to keep your prostate healthy

    Regardless of your age, you should take care to maintain your prostate health. Prostate health tips include eating your fruits and greens, regular exercise and managing your stress levels. Massaging your prostate regularly can also help keep your prostate healthy (but more on that later). If you experience any abnormality, please consult a qualified health professional.

    Tips to take care of your prostate.
  4. Prostate Orgasm 101
  5. Tips for a prostate orgasm will make you see fireworks.

    04What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

    Orgasms that come from prostate stimulation or play can be incredibly satisfying. But keep in mind that no two orgasms are alike and don’t get too caught up in anticipating the sensations in advance. It can take some practice to get the hang of it before you see fireworks. When you do you’ll discover that it is totally worth the effort.

  6.  The prostate gland is just behind and above the deepest portion of the penis, and it’s right below the bladder. The prostate is responsible for producing part of the fluid that shoots out when you ejaculate. A guide to locating your prostate. The prostate should feel like a cherry tomato: firm, with a little give. Vibrating anal plugs like the b-vibe trio plug are a great way to experience intense prostate orgasms. Using a prostate toy or massager is a fantastic way to incorporate some backdoor pleasure.
    • 05How to have a prostate orgasm?

    • Part 1: how to stimulate your prostate

      You can coax your prostate into an orgasm without touching your penis or keeping an erection.

    • Get comfortable and relax. Grab some water-based lube and a body-safe toy or a finger- either your own or your partner’s. Then gently glide it into your booty as you push, angle your toy or finger towards your penis, as if you’re curving up to meet the tilt of your pelvis. Go slow and remember to use plenty of lube. Listen to your body, you’ll know when you reached your prostate when you feel a slight pressure much like the sensation of having to pee before turning into an extra-yummy, earth-shattering sensation. There is also no refractory period involved with prostate-play, so use lots of lube and milk this amazing organ for all it’s worth (no pun intended).

    • Part 2: how to use a prostate massager

      Using a prostate massager or a butt plug is a fantastic way to incorporate some backdoor pleasure to spice up your bedroom fun time. The easiest way to insert your prostate massager is to lube it up and slide it in. For maximum comfort and glide. Just make sure to warm up with a finger or two first, and use plenty of lube to help your body open up before you use a prostate massager or toy.

  7. The Best Toys for P-Spot Orgasms

    Le Wand Powerful Prostate Set Pearl White
    powerful prostate set


    b-Vibe hands free p-spot massager
    hands free p-spot massager


  8. 06How to massage your prostate?
  9. Part 1: Internal

    One of the best and most common methods for exploring anal play is by massaging your prostate. To get started, simply get your lubricant out and lather up your finger or body-safe toy. If you have a partner, consider having them join in the fun too. Especially, since some of the massage technique angles work much better with the help of a partner.

    Once, you’ve located your prostate gland there are a ton of different massaging techniques you can try out. Using the pad of your finger, you can try doing a “come hither” motion and stroke with a slow steady rhythm. You might need to vary rhythm and pressure until you find the perfect combination to stick to. If you’re using two fingers you can also try to scissor your fingers to increase your pleasure. Another popular technique is to tap your prostate, start off with a firm yet gentle pressure before going a little faster or slower. Everyone is different, so listen to your body and play around to gauge what you like best.

    Part 2: fun fact- external

    Did you know that you can massage your prostate externally and experience the same intense sensations without taking things inside? Grab your favorite lube or massage oil that is genitals safe and slather up your perineum. Optional: lube up your penis and around your anus if you would like to go for that extra stimulation. Using the soft pads of your pointer and index fingers, or your knuckles. Gently press into the fleshy tissue of your perineum. Firmly press inwards with an upward angle. The prostate should feel a bit harder than the surrounding tissue. Keep massaging with a firm yet gentle motion until the feeling of having to pee dissipates and turns into intense sensations that make you see stars.

    Prostate Massage Techniques 101

    Use the pad of your finger, not the tip, in order to avoid scratching.

    Prostate Massage Techniques 101

    If you have two fingers on the P-spot, you can tap them together or alternate as if you’re playing the piano.

    Prostate Massage Techniques 101

    You can also do big circles across the entire prostate, little circles or just one spot.

    Prostate Massage Techniques 101

    Gently pulsing the pressure while maintaining contact can be incredibly pleasurable.

    Prostate Massage Techniques 101

    Just as when you’re giving someone a shoulder rub, it’s good to do one technique for a bit and then change it up.

    The pelvic muscles will start to contract when you are mentally ready and physically close for a prostate orgasm.

    You will know when your orgasm is about to start because you’ll feel your prostate swell and then quiver.

    How to massage prostate externally

    This is a great time to stroke your penis, fondle your balls or run a lubed finger around the rim of your butt hole.

    It’s important to be generous with lube before engaging in prostate-play

    Be generous with your choice of lubricant.

    Prostate-play prep 101

    Even though some people think they interrupt the flow of sexy time, using gloves is an efficient way to keep anal play clean and easy.

  10. 07Getting started with prostate-play
  11. Step 1 - Prep

    Clean your booty hole before you engage in prostate-play. Some people like to shower before sex, the same principle applies here. There are a few different ways you can go about this.

    For most people the quicker method is the ‘easy’ clean: Go to the bathroom and wash the anal area with soap and water 30-60 minutes before. Using unscented hypoallergenic baby wipes are also a good alternative if you are in a rush.

    For a ‘deep’ clean, use a few cups of water to rinse out the last 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) of your rectum. If you use too much water you can make things messier by stimulating your digestive system. Make sure to use warm water when doing a deep clean because too cold and you’ll get a cramp and too hot you’ll irritate your rectum. Neither is good for sexy time. For the very best experience, you can do an enema 1-2 hours before your prostate-play.

    Step 2 - Tips

    Put down a towel on the bed to keep things clean before you get started. So you don’t have to worry when things get messy. When you are done, just fold it up and toss it in the laundry basket. Besides, it’s also a great way to keep lube from staining your sheets.

    Another tip for getting started with prostate-play is to use gloves. An efficient way to keep prostate-play clean and safe. Whether you get a box of them from the drugstore or on the internet, just make sure they fit right. Since folds in the gloves will irritate the anus.

    Step 3 - Cleanup

    Remember to clean up after your anal play session, and that even with our tips the chances of accidents can still happen. This doesn't mean it has to be the end of the world. The important thing is to not freak out about it. Keep calm, clean up, and move on. If you make it a big deal out of it, it will become a big deal. Keeping a positive mindset will go a long way.

    Prostate-play prep 101

    To prep for anal play, you only need to use a couple of cups of water because you’re just rinsing out the last 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) of the rectum.

    Prostate-play prep 101

    One of the great things about gloves is that you can get your partner all warmed up with your hands and take the gloves off before doing something else.

    Prostate-play hygiene: Put down a towel to help keeps things clean.

    If anal play gets messy, the towel is there for you.

    Prostate-play hygiene: if things get messy keep calm and clean up.

    Keep calm, clean things up, and move forward. If you make it a big deal, it becomes a big deal.

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