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Insertible Size: Length: 4 in. x Tip Width: 1.06 in. — Mid-Ridge Width: 0.93 in. — Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.75 in. View Size Details

The Helix Syn is an updated version of the best-selling Helix that delivers powerfully precise prostate stimulation.

The original Helix massager has been skillfully refined for an even comfier fit, whilst still maintaining the rigidity necessary for the mind-blowing prostate orgasms that Aneros is renowned for.

A coating of premium silicone ensures total comfort and maximum pleasure. The synergy between the Helix Syn and the male P-spot is an unmatched combination that you have to experience for yourself.


The Helix Syn by Aneros is a revolutionary prostate massager that stimulates the area that most sex toys often neglect. Learn why sex experts are encouraging penis-owners to try this sex toy:

Next-Level Orgasms — If you think that only gay men love anal play, think again. The anus is filled with erotic nerve endings and stimulating the prostate has known to give penis-owners an orgasm that is reportedly 30% stronger than your average climax.

Great for All Levels of Experience — Whether you're new to anal play or a seasoned pro, the Helix Syn is a non-vibrating massager that caresses the prostate and lets you dictate the intensity of pleasure.

Velvet Touch Silicone — Made with FDA approved materials, the Helix Syn is made from the finest silicone available for extreme comfort. It's also completely body-safe, non-porous, and free of phthalates and latex.

Hands-Free Pleasure — After years of research, Aneros upgraded the Helix Syn with a sturdier inner frame to deliver the most comfortable and mind-blowing prostate play experience.

Prostate Massage vs. Aneros Helix Syn

The Old Way — Before the Aneros stimulators, prostate massages always involved somebody else performing the message, whether it be a physician, a body therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner.

The Aneros Way — The Aneros Helix Syn allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneros's design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and externally via the perineum. This is done completely hands-free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.

Reach the Super Orgasm — Using the Aneros Helix Syn is progressively rewarding. Every session builds on the previous, increasing your body's understanding of the sensations it has experienced, and incorporating new ones. Through practice and exploration, a user can reach the pinnacle of body/mind pleasure called the Super-O.

Lifetime Warranty — Non-vibrating, non-electrical Aneros products like the Helix Syn are warrantied for life. Visit their warranty page to learn more.

Don't Forget Lube! — The key to getting the most enjoyment from the male G-Spot is applying a liberal amount of lube. This allows the Aneros Helix Syn to be inserted comfortably and to move freely during use.

We recommend using a premium water-based lubricant because of the ease of clean up after use. Another advantage of using water-based lubricants is that it won't deteriorate the silicone used on this Aneros prostate massager.

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This is wonderful

Reviewed: October 29, 2018 by Roger

Excited to be the first to review. This is an amazing plug. When I had ordered it I was unsure how big it would be based on the description. I had it sent to my job since no one would be around to receive it. When it came I could hardly wait to open it. I had to sneak away to look and was amazed by its size. Considerably larger than the 4. I could not wait to get it in. Once I got home I relaxed with a shower and got on my bed. This takes a good amount of line and patience. When inserting I find aiming it up slightly it goes in better. Go slow and easy and enjoy it. I find sliding back and forth a bit opens things up. Once in its pleasingly filling. The length and weight feel great. A sensational feeling moving around and love sleeping with it in. The neck is a bit hard to get in fully but doing some Kegels and relaxing the whole thing fits wonderfully. Removal can be hard since the lube tends to dry and this is large. Putting a bit of lube on a finger and applying it on the neck seems to help and go nice and slow. I've left it in for quite a few hours. Not for a novice or periodic anal play. I think you need anal experience frequently like me before you use. Have fun working your way up to the 5. Worth the effort. Also rests nicely on prostate when laying on stomach. The weight is perfect. I look forward to wearing it out more and even to the gym like I do with my size 4. Perfect for an anal fun enthusiast. Can't say enough about it hence the long review!


Reviewed: December 8, 2018 by Katie

You feel so full when you have it in and it feels the best. Also, love the balls because they move when you do.

The Best

Reviewed: January 14, 2019 by Roger

This is an amazing plug. Feels wonderful but does take patience and plenty of lube to insert. Once in it fits snug with enough pressure for that full feeling. It is quite heavy and much larger than the snug plug 4. But. Depending on what you are doing the thin neck makes the weight of it move when you do. Ideal for long periods. I wouldn't recommend to the novice of anal play though. Start smaller and work towards this size. It'll be worth the practice time. I can't say enough about the 5 except well worth the investment.


Reviewed: March 19, 2019 by KauaiCarolAnn

I think I've turned into a plug whore, LoL! My first order was for the #3 and #4. Then very quickly after they arrived I ordered the #2 and #5...can't wait for the #5 to arrive!
Initially I was looking for level helpers then soon realized they would be perfect for front and back doors! I love the feeling of fullness with the #3 in the back and #4 in front. Looking forward to many hours of daily wear.
Super smooth and once you figure out the little truck to insertion, you'll crave the weight and fullness. I don't feel much of the internal ball movement but the weight and smoothness more than makes up. My only complaint would be regarding the handle. If it was a tad narrower, longer and more tapered...perfection! Though that hasn't stopped me from ordering #2, #3, #4 and #5.
Satisfied customer, 10/10 recommend, 100% order it!!

Wonderful addition

Reviewed: March 21, 2019 by Corey Trevor

The snug plug 5 is the first bvibe product I’ve used. I’m a fan to say the least. The weight is nice and the size is pretty close to ideal (which is 100% opinion based obviously). It’s extremely comfortable. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the balls inside. I feel if the balls had more room inside the plug to move then the vibrations and sensations would be greatly heightened. This plug is on the more expensive side but you get what you pay for and as far as I can tell, that’s quality. As I enjoy this plug I’m awaiting a larger size. Try one, I bet you’ll like it!

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  • Length: 4 in.
  • Tip Width: 1.06 in. — Mid-Ridge Width: 0.93 in. — Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.75 in.
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Body-safe silicone / ABS

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aneros helix syn
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