xpander x2 pioneer

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Say hello to triple the backdoor pleasure with the Xpander X2 Pioneer. This modern wonder is specially designed to target the prostate while simultaneously providing anal and perineum stimulation.

Maximize pleasure for him with an anal stimulator that was crafted based on the studies of top urologists and sexologists. The hollow insertible bulb of this plug provides a satisfying feeling of fullness, while the base is curved to stimulate the perineum.

Made of body-safe material, the Xpander X2 Pioneer features sleek curves that hug the body internally and externally.

Experience thorough pleasure from this cutting-edge design that stimulates all of his pleasure zones for explosive results. Enjoy with a partner or during solo play and indulge in simultaneous prostate, anal and perineum stimulation.


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xpander x2 pioneer
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