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  • Feels so good

    Reviewed: December 31, 2016 by Michael

    I've used a lot of toys! I have a lot of plugs and dildos. I love pegging and long term use. This may not be for a beginner due to size. But a beginner probably isn't spending 150 on a plug. I was concerned about long term comfort due to the rimming beads. I figured after it was turned off it would get uncomfortable. But nope! It feels great! The beads for me don't give a huge sensation but it's a really good one. And the vibe is extremely powerful while actually being quiet. Sooo yes you can use it at the movies or dinner and let your other half drive your crazy. It's so comfortable I plan on leaving it on low and going to sleep with it in tonight. It's actually worth the money. The only down side side is that you have to turn it on with the button on the plug then you can control it with the remote.

  • Great Anal Beginner Toy

    Reviewed: December 22, 2016 by Kat Stark

    This is a great anal beginner toy or an excellent option for those looking for something on the smaller end of the plug spectrum. Its excellent motor gives it a lot of bang for the buck so even those who enjoy a larger toy could get a lot of pleasure out of this plug.

  • Happily Filled

    Reviewed: December 15, 2016 by A Fan

    This is an awesome toy for anyone seeking anal pleasure. I received it this afternoon and have been happily filled for over an hour. It performs as advertised.

  • Love it

    Reviewed: December 14, 2016 by Tim

    This is my favorite vibrating plug. I put it in before we go out for dinner and my wife has the control. It is on most of the time anyway. I find it very enjoyable and a great start to a night of pegging.

  • 3rd time lucky

    Reviewed: December 13, 2016 by Jason

    The 1st product that I bought fit but the vibration wasn't strong enough. The 2nd product had a good vibration but wouldn't fit. Then I bought this product and I couldn't be happier. Goes in easy, stays in and has a good vibration to it. Highly recommend the Trio Plug.

  • Best His & Her Set

    Reviewed: December 12, 2016 by ThatGuy13

    I bought two of these - one for my wife and one for me. It's the best his/hers set ever!

    It had been a while for me so I had to get used to the girth, so either be prepared to get used to it, or go for the thinner plug. But if you can handle it, I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do!

  • It gets better... and better... and great!

    Reviewed: December 9, 2016 by Craig Haynes

    The Rimming Plug is a wonderful instrument! Not for the beginner. You might want to try with b-Vibe's smaller toys first.

  • Couldn't Wait

    Reviewed: December 5, 2016 by Dennis

    Sometimes, I wear a plug at work. Just to feel good. I couldn't wait to give this one a try. Thought I would just see how the vibe and beads felt then turn it off and just leave it in. Amazing! I didn't turn it off and now I'm going crazy! This is amazing!!! Yes, I'm writing this right now at the office with it in. Wave after wave of great anal orgasms. I'll have to leave this at home if I am going to get any work done. I truly love it!

  • Great plug — you get what you pay for

    Reviewed: November 27, 2016 by All The Things (Straight Married Male)

    I've been using butt plugs for a while with my partner, during which time I've tried various sizes and designs, but I'm always interested in something new. The unique features of this meant we had to give it a try.

    The toy comes in sleek modern packaging and includes its own carry case. The USB magnetic charger is easy to use and seems much better than the socket type used on many other toys.

    The plug itself has a high end feel. The silicone is very smooth, and there were no detectable seams. It is the largest plug that I've used, however, I found it relatively easy to insert when covered in ample lube. It's heavier than most plugs of a similar size which I think helps to give it a satisfying feel.

    There are two sources of stimulation in the plug - the rotating beads in the neck and a vibrator in the tip. The beads are the really innovative factor in this plug and well worth trying. They give a unique pleasurable feeling - somewhere between vibrations and stroking.

    The vibrations from the tip are intense. I'm a big fan of anal toys which have the vibrator at the business end as I find a lot of the power is lost when the motor is in the base. Together the beads and vibrator give an amazing unique sensation. It's different from any other toy that I've tried but I'm very glad that I did!

    The product comes with a remote which lets you control the pattern and power of the vibrations, as well as turning the beads and vibrations on and off independently. The remote looks good, however, my one gripe with the product is the feel of it. Unlike the plug itself the remote doesn't feel particularly high end - it's a bit light and the buttons are a bit clicky. However, it does it's job - it lets you control the vibrations, so this is only a minor gripe.

    Overall, I think this is an excellent butt plug - it's not cheap, but in my opinion it's well worth the money.

  • Expensive, but worth every single penny!

    Reviewed: November 25, 2016 by J-Curious

    First impressions can say a lot, and despite the rapidly overflowing drawers in which I keep my toys attesting to the number I've seen, no toy has impressed me more before I'd even turned it on than the B-Vibe. An elegant magnetically sealed box containing a convenient carry case with the toy itself inside, I was impressed.

    The toy itself is smaller than the box might lead you to expect, but it still has enough girth to satisfy anyone. Setting it up with the remote only takes a moment and then you're ready to play.

    The power available here is intense, and the patterns are fantastic. This is the first toy where I've not found there to be only two or three worthwhile settings, instead I was using the remote to easily cycle through all of them, to incredible effect.

    Charging the plug is simple. A USB charger is included and it interfaces with the toy magnetically, adding to the overall waterproof nature of the toy. The remote takes a battery, one of which is included, but the life span means that's going to be an issue incredibly rarely.

    I cannot overstate how impressed I am with this product, from the way the plug gyrates to stimulate your every nerve to the ease of use and elegance of the piece as a whole. I've owned toys from every end of the price scale, and it has to be said this is the one where I've felt the cost is most justified. If you have the cash and want a toy that will really, truly, give you your money's worth, this is the one to go for.