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  • Holy f*ck this thing is AMAZING

    Reviewed: September 20, 2020 by Happy Bottom

    Got this about 6 months ago and it instantly became my favorite toy! The rimming beads may be the best sexual sensation I’ve felt in my life! My orgasms with this are some of the best I’ve ever had too! 11/10, best sex toy ever.

  • Hits the spot

    Reviewed: September 1, 2020 by Bad Doktor

    Bigger battery
    User programmable
    Even better, fully controllable by a smartphone or computer.
    Curved to touch the prostate better.
    Bigger battery.

  • Good vibrations!

    Reviewed: August 24, 2020 by Scott

    This toy has been on my list of must haves for a year and a half. I finally decided I deserved it.

    First off, let me say that b-Vibe's packaging is the best I have ever seen. Thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing, and very educational. If I wasn’t already very experienced in anal sexual pleasure, I would find the booklet very informative. I love the educational aspects!

    As far as the plug, I love it too! The surface is silky smooth and slides in nicely. I love that size. I was tempted to get the XL but I found this size to be perfect. The vibrations patterns are incredible and I love having it all easily accessible with the remote. The power this plug has is very satisfying.

    One of the main reasons I bought this was for the rimming aspects. I will say while the sensations are incredible I find it hard to notice while the vibration mode is on. At first I was a little disappointed but then I actually read the booklet and realized I can turn off the modes individually.

    Once I did that, I could clearly feel the rotating beads and it was a lovely sensation. I find if I contract my muscles I can feel it even more. While it isn’t the same as being rimmed by another human, it absolutely a pleasurable experience. I look forward to exploring with it more.

    This is definitely one of my favorite purchases and one I will use frequently.

  • Snug Plug 1 Perfect for Prostate

    Reviewed: August 14, 2020 by Tim

    I am a hetero, male bodied individual who has generally enjoyed anal play for a long time. I have a few toys from high end brands and can do the hands-free deal with an Aneros. Well, this plug is similar in size and the long neck lets it work with that technique. Not quite as direct stimulation on the prostate, but still there, and the firmness of the head portion means you certainly feel it. More pressure could be remedied with a size up, but I like that the 1 is a size I can wear around and enjoy without it constantly squeezing the prostate or feeling too heavy, which is a great balance. And as others have mentioned, the packing, quality of the materials, and overall fit and finish make a very good first impression. And the price definitely feels right.

  • Bliss

    Reviewed: August 8, 2020 by Ben

    This is an outstanding toy. I love the super silky material. The ability to control the rotating beads separately from the vibration is really nice. There's a lot of substance and complexity here that makes it possible to have a new experience every time. I will say, though, don't let the fact that it has "petite" in the name make you think it's small. I'm fairly new to anal play and had to get a succession of smaller toys to work up to this one. Worth the wait, though!

  • Fits me wonderfully

    Reviewed: June 19, 2020 by MattmanTX

    this is such a wonderful plug. It slides in so easily and feels so comfortable. Almost like too comfortable but certainly full. I will want to go bigger soon. My wife will inherit this one for her starter plug.

  • Comprehensive Kit for Anal Play

    Reviewed: June 17, 2020 by Emily Morse

    If you’re looking to explore butt plugs, this anal training kit has everything you need to get started. Not only does it come with three different plugs so you can move up in size more comfortably, it also has a lube shooter to easily get it up there. The two larger plugs vibrate when you’re ready for a little more stimulation, and the set also includes a water enema bulb for cleaning up a bit inside your butt before using a plug (which isn’t necessary but helps some people feel more comfortable). It comes with an extensive guidebook with tips on anal play safety and best practices.

  • Snug Plug 5 checks all the marks for me

    Reviewed: June 4, 2020 by Dustin Bice

    Upon first glance, the packaging goes above and beyond. Most toys I have purchased in the past have been really lackluster in the packaging and presentation. So starting off I already felt like a lot of time and thought is going into the B-Vibe products. It really gives you the feeling that these toys of made of quality.

    The quality of the product itself only exemplifies the packaging. The soft velvety feeling is fantastic. No visible seams from the casting. The plug has a nice and heavy weight to it. The handle feels flexible but sturdy. I can tell just by holding the plug that I’m going to get some really good use out of it.

    Now to talk about using the plug. I’m not going to lie, I got a little bit worried about the size. I guess you could my eyes were a bit hungrier than my stomach (or in this case my hole). I’m no stranger to butt stuff but I would definitely not consider myself a pro by any means. Luckily, I had a few other smaller plugs I used to work my way up to the snug plug. My largest plug before this one wasn’t much smaller but every cm counts. Don’t worry though, with time, an ass ton of lube, and controlling my breathing, I got the plug in without damage (there can never be too much lube).

    The “fullness” you feel once its inside is incredible. This is a great toy to use with a partner because of the weights inside. Once tugged on, the weights bounce around and vibrate. The tapper is great because you can give it a good tug without being worried about it being pulled out. Take you time with removing this plug when your done. It definitely gives you a good gapping once its out. Would be a great lead up to any sexual partners with large cocks.

    This plug checks all the marks for me. Great quality, great size, and a great deal of fun. I personally look forward to getting a lot use out of it.

  • The best plug I have tried

    Reviewed: May 21, 2020 by Imperfectionist

    I have tried a lot of plugs and this one is the best so far. I'm not into trying to stretch myself or anything like that, but I am a little more experienced and I wanted something that would stay in and let me feel it while still being able to use it all day. I got a #3 and when it arrived I thought it looked a little bigger than I expected. After using it for several days, it is perfect! Just the right size. The shape is ideal both for insertion and for staying in place until I am ready to remove it. The weighted interior balls do not provide as much stimulation as I had hoped, but they do provide just enough weight to be a reminder. So, in summary, a great plug!

  • Wow!

    Reviewed: May 3, 2020 by Drew

    The texture, the softness of the material, the strength of the motor, everything about the function of this toy is amazing. The colors give them a very "cute" appearance too. These are, in my opinion, among the best vibrating plugs available today.

    My biggest issue actually seems to be the case for all of b-Vibe's plugs - the material holds smell in a way that silicone toys by other brands don't. Even after a thorough cleaning with soap, water, and toy cleaner it holds a smell. The solution we've found is to wash it, scrub it with coconut oil, and then wash it a second time, but this is honestly a huge pain compared to other toys that come clean with just soap and water and a single wash.

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