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  • Extended Wear Delight

    Reviewed: March 5, 2018 by Experienced User

    I have several b-Vibe products (including the Snug Plug 3 and Snug Plug 4) that are great for extended wear throughout the day, or overnight- which is a testament to the premium silicone that b-Vibe uses for their products. The Snug Plug 4 (Black) is more filling, but I find the Snug Plug 3 (Teal) more stimulating as it seems to move more with me.

    I love waking up with it, as I did this morning, as it provides just enough stimulation to get me up first thing. As with the other b-Vibe products, they come with a cool, unobtrusive carry bag which, unless you know what they are, you can quite easily carry around with you and no one will be any wiser... And you can always tell any inquisitive people that it's Beats Headphones or something.

    For comparison, the Snug Plug is not like other plugs (NJoy Pure Plug, Tantus Ryder, or Egg Plug) in that the torpedo shape provides more internal stimulation while the narrow stem provides very little stimulation your opening. The weights are also an added bonus and will motivate you to take the stairs if worn at work.

  • Pleasure Overload

    Reviewed: January 25, 2018 by AMST

    I think I may have met my all-time favorite anal toy. The plug is solid yet comfortable and offers an amazingly intense vibrator in the tip coupled with a wonderfully unique rimming sensation for your hole.

    I can’t think of any negatives to this vibrating butt plug, but maybe the price may deter some. But when you consider that it’s made of good quality silicone, it comes with a powerful vibrator and a rotating mechanism that does something that no other sex toy can do, and it’s rechargeable, it’s a fair price.

  • A Party In My Pants

    Reviewed: January 19, 2018 by Rimming Lover

    I used this toy on myself and was thrilled by the strong vibrations and the rimming sensation of the stem. The larger rimming toy seemed intimidating, but this toy comes in a size that I can use casually without having to do a ton of serious warm up every time I want to use it. I wasn't sure if I would like the rimming aspect but found that it was an exciting new addition to an already great butt toy. Overall, I'm very excited about this toy and would recommend it.

  • Amazingly Fun

    Reviewed: January 10, 2018 by Glowbug

    My wife loves the Novice Plug! And, when she left it in and climbed on top of me, I got tremendous fun out of it too!

    She loves the small size of it. She said it is very comfortable!

  • Amazing Plug

    Reviewed: December 27, 2017 by Roger

    I've had the Snug Plug 4 for a week now and hate taking it out. I use it virtually all the time now. It gives a wonderful feeling of fullness and the weight feels perfect. I would caution a novice to start with a smaller one or warm up with anal stimulation of some sort before using the 4. But once it's in, it's amazing. I love waking from sleeping and feeling the pressing inside. Moving around is great since the internal balls move as you do. I highly recommend this plug for use during sex or just doing day to day activities. Enjoy!

  • It's snug and it massages the prostrate

    Reviewed: December 12, 2017 by Tim Davis

    Great plug, it's very comfortable to wear. Use lots of lube and take your time once it’s in. It feels so nice so there's no need to worry about falling out.

  • This thing is awesome!

    Reviewed: October 30, 2017 by Kara Smith

    Just wanted to say that I've owned the Snug Plug 3 for about two weeks now and when I don't have it in, I'm thinking about putting it in. It is SO comfortable you will sometimes forget you are wearing it. But then you stand up... And speaking of standing up, this plug has little balls in it that move around inside the plug. You don't notice it all the time but after you have been still for a while, you will notice it the first time you move around again. I've worn it to bed, to work, and I'm wearing it now. For me, the 3 was just right in size, big enough that it takes a little work to get it in but not so big that there is any pain associated with insertion. Hope this is helpful.

  • Nice product, but it is huge!

    Reviewed: October 3, 2017 by Parker St. James

    Ok, so it does take me a month of warming up very incrementally with other toys of graduating sizes to be able to use this one - but once I can it's totally worth it! If I'm busy with other stuff and don't play for a few weeks it's back to square one with warming up again so the smallest b-vibe is definitely my go to toy for every day use. But I love having this one to look forward to for times when I'm able to play a lot. I would definitely recommend!

  • Just the right size

    Reviewed: July 26, 2017 by Nevermore

    I was a little scared and curious to try this, but I'm so glad that I did. The size was perfect and it was totally non-intimidating. More than that, it felt great.

  • Great Vibrating Butt Plug

    Reviewed: July 13, 2017 by Evan

    I love this thing. Very high end, both the packaging and product. Super powerful, perfect size, couldn't be happier. If you're even slightly interested, buy it. You'll love it.