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  • Pretty good

    Reviewed: April 9, 2024 by Aylinmeow

    : it feels amazing, not heavy, durable, nice to look at. Cons: i really dislike the bump in the middle that makes it hard to grind in certain positions, the height can be awkward. I found using a sex stool... helped with my knees and discomfort. Overall, I still recommend it. Looking forward to trying the new pieces!

    This review is from: the unicorn premium sex machine
  • It’s powerful and provides an intense orgasm.

    Reviewed: April 9, 2024 by Cirrus

    This is everything that the write-up said it would be. It’s powerful and provides an intense orgasm. It’s fun to control the speed and vibration and watch the results.

    This review is from: the unicorn premium sex machine
  • everyday use

    Reviewed: April 9, 2024 by hornyslut

    Literally love this girl, easy to clean, makes you cum fast!

    This review is from: the unicorn premium sex machine
  • My Sexual Adventures

    Reviewed: April 9, 2024 by Rxzurrection

    This unicorn special edition sex machine made my entire street hear me in the bedroom.

    This review is from: the unicorn premium sex machine
  • Fantastic

    Reviewed: March 2, 2024 by Andrew

    I am very particular about these types of items and was hesitant at first because I have always preferred metal over a silicone/plasticy toy. But this looks and feels amazing - I have the snug plug 2 and its great for, what I would consider, beginner level. I will probably be purchasing a snug plug 3. I did wish that the internal weighted balls had a little more room to "jiggle". I feel like I occasionally get a sensation when I am walking around with some pace. But I would like it a little more often as a subtle reminder. Overall, would recommend as someones first toy. 4 stars because I was hoping for a little more "movement" from the internal balls!

    This review is from: snug plug
  • Size 6 Snug Plug is just wow!

    Reviewed: February 22, 2024 by Michael

    I have been into anal play for many years and I have a wide assortment of plugs and dildos. I have tried all shapes, sizes, and materials. The size 6 Snug Plug is my current favorite for when I want to feel extra full. When it first goes in, I invariable find myself exclaiming "wow!" out loud.

    I like that it stays in place with no worry of it accidentally slipping out. No other large plugs that I have tried gives me that same confidence.

    I find that I cannot have it in for more than about an hour or two as I cannot urinate with it in. It fills us my colon so much that I suspect it is pressing against my urinary tract to the point where it pinches off the flow. Not that that is a bad thing, as the pressure on my prostate feels great.

    I am going to try a size 5 as others have reviewed that they could have that size inserted for longer periods. That said, the size 6 is just wow! and I will be using it again and again.

    This review is from: snug plug
  • Fantastic

    Reviewed: January 29, 2024 by Butts

    This toy is BIG, but not my biggest by a long shot. It is comfortable and easy to use. I would recommend for anyone at this level of play.

    This review is from: snug plug 7
  • Better than I had thought they might be!

    Reviewed: January 14, 2024 by Mark

    I'm 67, getting to climax is not always guaranteed. Received my Cinco anal beads the other day and had a chance to try them last night. Insertion was easy as they have a very smooth finish on them. The remote paired up without issue and worked perfectly. After cycling through the different patterns I found several I liked. I have never been so relaxed in my life! What a feeling. I was really enjoying the whole mood when suddenly a huge orgasm crept up on me. I came hard as my butt tightened down on those throbbing beads, what a rush! Round two later today!

    This review is from: cinco anal beads
  • Super Comfy

    Reviewed: January 12, 2024 by Peter

    Just received this and the training set. They are ergonomically designed, comfortable when inserted, and hit the right spots. Thank you for making a great product!

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