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  • The perfect plug!

    Reviewed: July 15, 2024 by Haley S

    I would recommend this to anyone-even beginners! I love that it comes with a remote. It’s a big plus to be able to control the functions without having to try to change them on the plug itself. The double motors are great and the rotation is an added bonus! The base fits against your body very comfortably and doesn’t feel like it is in the way when with a partner. The silicone feels extremely smooth, you can tell it’s high quality. The size was perfect- not too big and not too small. The vibration was able to be set to a surprisingly strong speed at its highest setting. I also found that it’s great for gpot/clitoral stimulation as well. I am very impressed with this product overall!

    This review is from: 360 plug
  • Well worth it.

    Reviewed: July 14, 2024 by David.

    The vibrating Snug Plug is awesome. I have the 2 but I'm thinking of getting a bigger one. It stays in, which is something I've been struggling with finding. So glad I tried The Snug Plug. It stays in. The thin long neck is why I tried it and I am not disappointed. The only thing that could make it better is a remote to turn on/off and change the setting. But still well worth it.

    This review is from: vibrating snug plug
  • Will not remain inserted during intercourse

    Reviewed: July 8, 2024 by Mike

    Good enough vibrations but the vibrator does not stay in place during intercourse or even during foreplay. I would not purchase again.

    This review is from: 360 plug
  • Best Vibrating Anal Beads for On The Go

    Reviewed: July 8, 2024 by Shayna Murphy

    If you’re still easing into backdoor play, these vibrating anal beads from B-Vibe are a must-try regardless of your skill level. They’re small enough that they won’t scare off total newbies. They have six vibration patterns and 15 intensity levels, thanks to two powerful motors, which help give them that added oomph.

    With a wireless remote included, a partner can control this toy from across the room, which makes it feel even more versatile. The beads also come with a cute traveling case with locking functionality, for extra security when you’ve got them with you on the go. — Reposted from USA Today Reviewed's article written by Shayna Murphy.

    This review is from: triplet anal beads
  • Butt stuff doesn’t scare me anymore!

    Reviewed: July 2, 2024 by Jackie

    I have always been shut off to the idea of anal play, but when I decided to try and broaden my horizons, this kit seemed like the way to go. It includes so many things that make me feel fully prepared for this new adventure. My favorite thing included in the kit is the booklet. It is SO informative and I learned so much from it! I really appreciate the use of gender neutral language in the book as well. I’ve still only used the smallest plug in the kit, but I’m looking forward to working my way up to the bigger ones and experiencing new sensations I had previously been closed off to. I am no longer intimidated by butt stuff! I would highly recommend this kit to anyone else like me who wants to start experimenting with anal but doesn’t know where to begin. It’s the perfect introduction!

    This review is from: anal training kit & education set
  • Best plugs I've ever owned

    Reviewed: June 23, 2024 by Chris

    : shallow enough that it is easy to insert. but too sharp for the plug to fall out. Unlike other plugs I have never had a snug plug even feel like it might fall out while walking around, let alone for that to actually happen. The fairly long and slender necks are also conducive to extended hours of wear, especially in the larger sizes. If the T-bar does begin to chafe while I am out in public, I can discreetly push the plug out slightly using only my anal muscles, and the neck is narrow and long enough that the T-bar no longer rests against my skin until the discomfort fades.

    The T-bar is the best flared base I have ever experienced. It is super secure and astonishingly comfortable. On the size 2 the bar is narrow enough that it chafes a bit after perhaps an hour of wearing, but surprisingly I find the larger T-bar on the size 4 and 6 to be more comfortable for extended wear for an entire day.

    When I first started wearing the size 2 I thought the weighted balls were just a gimmick since the additional weight was not very noticeable. However, they become and unique and satisfying feeling as you move up in sizes. While walking around or doing stretches or yoga you can sometimes feel the steel balls collide with the walls. This can sometimes cause the plug to gently impact the sphincter from inside or cause it to careen into my prostate or just to cause a vibration I can feel in my deepest parts.

    Best plugs I have ever worn in every category that matters. If you are even considering a purchase, your butthole deserves to experience this.

    This review is from: snug plug
  • Rocket Pop of Rim Jobs

    Reviewed: June 17, 2024 by Negesti Kaudo - BuzzFeed Staff

    A unique anal plug that simulates the feeling of rimming with rotating anal beads in the shaft and a vibrating tip that hits your favorite spots. This booty buzzer is like the Rocket Pop of rim jobs, tbh.

    This review is from: rimming plug petite
  • Pretty great, would recommend

    Reviewed: June 17, 2024 by Priscilla

    This toy was really nice. The size felt nice and comfortable but could be a bit bigger. The vibration was very intense, which caught me and my partner by surprise, but it can be adjusted. We didn't expect it to be as strong as it was. The vibration could be felt externally on my partner's penis, which was a cool sensation that held up during penetration. The remote was easy to use and I like that it can be locked for travel. Good packaging, product material and charger- everything looked and felt high end. The volume wasn't disruptive but you can definitely hear that it's on. The rotation feature was nicer than expected. The toy felt like a good size but fell out after a while.

    This review is from: 360 plug
  • WOW

    Reviewed: June 13, 2024 by Torie Hunter

    It took a while to get to use most of the item in the kit but WOW! This kit is perfect for anyone wanted to explore that area, The small plug is a great started the medium has amazing vibration and the large has these weighted balls inside that move as you move! The instruction guide is amazing and beginner friendly. There is even a lube shooter which I personally recommend using.

    This review is from: anal training kit & education set