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what are anal toys?

As booty play becomes less taboo, people of all genders and sexualities are taking more of an interest in tantalizing the tushy. At b-Vibe, we know there are all sorts of anal toys to bring the pleasure of erotic stimulation into your solo or coupled love life. Whether you’re brand new to butt sex or can’t live without a little booty play in the bedroom, it can get a little confusing.

So, we’ve crafted this handy-dandy guide to walk you through different types of booty toys and everything you need to know about choosing the right anal toy for you or your partner and how to use it for maximum orgasmic bliss!

what are anal beads?

A series of beads for your butt’s pleasure, they are exactly what their name suggests: a row of graduated ABS plastic or silicone beads, held together with either nylon string, thin pieces of silicone or silicone moulded into a base. The beads start very small at the insertion point and grow slightly larger and larger as you get closer to the end. One of the added perks of anal beads is that they can be gradually removed from the body at various speeds while climaxing, which causes each individual beads to stimulate the clenching sphincter muscles on their way out, resulting in a dramatically more intense climax!

Non-Vibrating Anal Beads

Non-vibrating anal beads

Non-vibrating anal beads are some of the most versatile anal toys around! They often come in sizes from small to medium, easy to use and perfect for beginners. For more advanced users, it is also very simple to try different techniques to step up your stimulation game.
b-Vibe Vibrating Anal Beads

vibrating anal beads

Vibrating anal beads like our Triplet and Cinco anal beads are amazing for giving added sensations. Just remember to douse the beads with a high-quality water-based lube and start by slowly inserting one bead at a time.
Whether you choose non-vibrating or vibrating anal beads, just remember to choose anal beads that have an easily graspable loop or a T-shaped piece at the very end so they can be easily removed and not get stuck in your anal cavity.

What are anal dildos?

What are anal dildos?

We all know what a dildo is — A phallic-shaped toy that can be inserted, and unlike butt plugs or anal beads, be used to create a thrusting sensation. Like all anal toys, dildos come in a variety of shapes, girths, lengths and colors. Although they can be inserted like any other anal toy, they typically are not the best for hands-free play because of a) their length and b) the lack of tapered base like most butt plugs or prostate massagers have.
When people shop for dildos, something that comes up commonly is a desire to buy a toy that is identical to a partner, either because it is what they are already comfortable with or maybe they want to practice inserting girthier and/or longer sizes. The problem with this is dildos offer very little in terms of “foreplay” and unlike butt plugs which usually have a tapered tip, which allows for gradual insertion. Dildo tips are oftentimes more bulbous and require the person inserting it to be properly warmed up. Getting one a size smaller than your goal can be useful in warming up, as the goal here is to relax the sphincter muscles rather than going from zero to 100 right away. Don’t want to get an extra dildo? Another option is to warm up first with a butt plug or your fingers.

Although dildos can be used in any hole, it is important to make sure that any dildo being used for anal penetration has a flared base that is wider than the narrowest part of the bottom of the toy. Many dildos come without any type of flared base at all, and these are not recommended for anal penetration. The muscles set in that region contracts, especially during climax and that can cause a toy without a flared base to get sucked into the body, at this point you’re just asking for an embarrassing trip to the ER. Flared bases create a barrier that prevents the toy from being pulled too far into the body. So for the love of sweet baby Jesus, always make sure your toy has a base regardless of which type you choose.

Pegasus Pegging Anal Sex Toys
Pegasus Pegging Anal Sex Toys
Pegasus Pegging Anal Sex Toys

Pegging Sets

If you haven't heard of pegging yet, it's time you get familiar with this fringe sex act. Why? Because it's 2021 and it's about time we have some exciting, gender-stereotype-defying sex acts to stick in our proverbial sexual pockets. So here's your 101 breakdown on pegging and how to get started with strap-on penetration.

Now, if you're a well-versed maven or a sexual adventuress that wants to give pegging a go, you'll know how important it is to buy the right stuff. Lucky for you, we've curated four of the best pegging sets on the market. These sets come with everything you'll need from a strap-on, a harness, and a dildo.

unique anal toys

Anal Hook


An anal hook is a curved piece of metal, with one end having a ball and the other having a loop. The purpose of the ball end is to rest comfortably inside the anal cavity of your submissive partner and the actual loop is used to tie a rope through to move the hook around. Not into using a rope? A finger is a-okay too!

Generally, anal hooks are around one inch thick and up to six inches long. The ball can usually be swapped out for different sizes based on personal preference and level of comfort. Inserting the anal hook carefully and making sure not to be too forceful are necessary to get the most out of the anal hook experience.

With that out of the way, how exactly do you use anal hooks? Well the tl;dr answer is: really carefully. Commonly used during predicament bondage, the anal hook creates a super vulnerable vibe in the bedroom or wherever you’re doing your thang. The hook should be able to stay in place comfortably but also have a bit of wiggle room as far as movement is concerned. We suggest that you use a small amount of silicone lube on the ball end before inserting it inside the anus.

How far in you insert the hook is really up to you, but to be safe we suggest keeping things close to the exit.

b-Vibe Snug and Tug Anal Sex Toy and Cock Ring

Cock rings

Ah yes, the cock ring-a circular band designed for resting around the base of the penis, creating pressure and restricting blood flow to delay and intensify orgasms. In terms of usage, it’s quite special in the sense that its purpose isn’t replacing a dildo or butt plug. Instead, they serve to increase pleasure and stamina during solo or partnered playtime.

In short, this class of sex toy restricts blood flow to the penis resulting in a net increase of sexual stamina and pleasure. Cock rings often come attached to a vibrator, or in our case we combined a cock ring with our most popular weighted plug to create the most satisfying duo, the Snug & Tug.

anal training kits

anal training kits

b-Vibe Anal Training Kit and Education Set

anal training kits

Going from zero to penetration is a big no, and this is where anal training kits come in handy. Anal training kits are exactly what they sound like: taking your sweet time and the necessary steps to help your body learn how to prepare for anal sex. It can be done solo or with a partner and it can be incredibly erotic and sexy. Preparing yourself to go to your limit can add some heat to playful power dynamic or even just a nice long shower. At b-Vibe we believe that education is key to having a great anal play experience. We even designed a 7-piece Anal Training Kit & Education Set to equip you with all the tools you need to prepare for penetration.
“Take your sweet time and the necessary steps to help your body prepare for anal sex. It can be done solo or with a partner and it can be incredibly erotic and sexy.”

What are butt plugs?

Butt plugs come in all sorts of styles and materials, but which one do you choose for all the ways you play? Here we’ll go through the most popular types of plugs for your butt!
Jeweled and Animal Tail Anal Toys
Jeweled and Animal Tail Anal Toys
Jeweled and Animal Tail Anal Toys

Jeweled Butt Plugs

For people who love a touch of bling in all aspects of their life, jeweled butt plugs are ideal for anal lovers who want to give their partner a shiny treat! Whether you are after a small sparkly metal booty plug, or a teal colored butt plug with a crystal at the base, there is one for everyone no matter their preference.

Tail Butt Plugs

For those who want to dabble into pet play, a tail plug adds a whole new dimension to your anal play routine. Tail butt plugs are more often than not made with durable and non-porous materials such as glass, metal or silicone.
Glass, Metal, and Weighted Anal Toys
Glass, Metal, and Weighted Anal Toys
Glass, Metal, and Weighted Anal Toys

Weighted Butt Plugs

Weighted butt plugs don’t always vibrate and are great to wear during sex or even while taking a walk or during a date. Weighted plugs, like our snug plug collection or vibrating snug plugs, use a small set of internal weights to create a feeling of fullness and movement.

Glass and Metal Butt Plugs

If you’re craving for more direct, pinpoint stimulation of the p-spot or simply just want something hard and extra smooth, non-porous materials like glass and metal (temperature play anyone?) are all amazing alternatives to silicone.
Vibrating Anal Toys
Vibrating Anal Toys
Vibrating Anal Toys

Textured Butt Plugs

If you've 'been there and done that' with your basic anal toys, you'll want to eye up these hedonistic beauties next. The b-Vibe textured butt plugs can be used both anally or vaginally for a totally new sense-driven experience. They feel particularly good in the rectum because our rectum bends and twists more than the vagina does. Designed to reflect your booty's natural curvature, they include vibration for a little anal massage to boot!

The smallest of the tantalizing trio, the Bump Texture Plug provides a gentle grape-like texture to introduce newbies to anal play. The medium Swirl Texture Plug is what you'd get if you love an ice-cream cone up your butt! And finally, the Twist Texture Plug is your escort to advanced anal paradise.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating butt plugs help relax the sphincter muscles and stimulate the g-spot or p-spot. These types of plugs are especially awesome for beginners, because the vibrations massage away muscle tightness while providing extra pleasure to the sensitive nerves in and around the anus.

The Novice Plug is a good example of a beginner-friendly vibrating butt plug. If vibrations are too intense at first, you can always use your plug with the motor turned off until you’re used to the feeling of anal stimulation. If you are past fingers or have outgrown our Novice Plug, the Trio Plug and Rimming Plug 2 are great toys for intermediate users to take their anal play adventure to the next level.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs start off like most other toys for your butt, but they work just like a balloon. They can be inserted while small in their original size, and then pumped up with air to gently stretch the sphincter and muscles of the anal cavity. Inflatable anal toys are great if size turns you on and you want to safely experiment with stretching and fullness.

Start off by pumping slowly. When playing with inflatable butt plugs or inflatable anal toys in general, always pump slowly, squeezing a little at a time. You never want to force the anus open with quick hard pumps by filling the toy with air too rapidly. If you’ve pumped your toy just a little too large, turn the dial on the side to release the air and return the toy to its original size.

what are prostate toys?

The prostate responds to pressure, vibration and massage similarly to how the g-spot does. For maximum stimulation, apply pressure directly to the prostate and create small circular motions against it. Note that the prostate requires foreplay, and too much stimulation before arousal occurs might feel uncomfortable, so make sure to warm up and get it in the mood before amping up the stimulation.
Non-vibrating prostate massager

non-vibrating prostate massager

Usually fairly small and flexible compared to other anal toys, the goal of prostate massagers is to help to relax your bottom so that you can settle into pleasurable sensations. Whether you are new to anal play or a seasoned anal play lover, non-vibrating prostate massagers are great at stimulating erotic nerve endings and caressing the prostate and best of all, it lets you dictate the intensity of pleasure. The most important thing to note with non-vibrating prostate massagers is that you need to use a mix of pelvic floor action and relaxation techniques to use it.
Vibrating prostate massager

Vibrating Prostate Massager

There are toys specifically designed for anal stuff. This we know. But did you know a wand vibrator can be a fantastic addition to anal play? With the proper attachments, a wand vibrator can be used to stimulate the nerve-rich anal opening. You don’t need to go buy a bunch of butt plugs (though we highly encourage this!) to enjoy butt play. Our Powerful Prostate Set includes a classic Le Wand massage vibrator that comes with the Curve silicone attachment that can be used for anal insertion! Vibration + anal penetration = orgasm! As any anal play aficionado knows, we never EVER put a toy up the butt that doesn’t have a flared base. With Le Wand’s attachment, you’re in no danger of, um, losing your toy up the butt.

what is a rimming plug?

what is a rimming plug?

what is a rimming plug?

The Rimming Plug was a major innovation in anal play because it took the experience of using a butt plug to the next level, creating a premium experience. As pioneers of the world’s first-ever rimming plugs, we combined high-grade materials with vibration and rotating beads in the neck to replicate the sensation of analingus.

Our Rimming Plug collection is perfect for exploring prostate play, even if you’ve never tried it before. Once you’ve comfortably inserted your anal toy of choice, gently angle it up, as if you’re reaching towards your penis through the pelvis. You’ll feel extra full inside, or the slight urge to pee or even orgasm. Some also enjoy masturbation or partnered stroking while exploring prostate play. When you’re ready to finish, turn on the vibrations and let the power of the p-spot lead you to ecstasy!