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Download our Guide to Anal Play
to enhance your anal experience!
10 essential tips for anal play
  • Talk: Consent and communication are key to pleasurable anal play.
  • Lube: Choose the right lubricant and use lots of it.
  • Hygiene: Poop can happen. Keep it clean by going to the bathroom an hour before.
  • Positions: At first, let the receiver dictate the depth and pace of penetration.
  • Start Small: Fingers are a great starter tool for anal foreplay.
  • Go Slow: Don’t copy porn. Listen to your butt and if it hurts, stop!
  • Don’t Double Dip: Never touch the vagina and anus with the same hand or sex toy.
  • Build Up: Vibrating anal toys are perfect to spice things up and enhance anal play.
  • Play Safe: Use a condom to decrease the risk of STIs.
  • Aftercare: Relax, take a moment, and then clean up after the big event.
Download Guide to Anal Play
guide to anal play Our complete Guide to Anal Play not only provides you with more tips, but also a range of other useful advice that’ll definitely spice up your anal experience!

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