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anal training kit & education set

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Explore the joys of anal play with the new b-Vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set.

Going from zero to penetration is a big no-no. That's where our anal training kit comes in — Anal training means taking the time, care, and vital steps to prepare your body for anal sex.

At b-Vibe, we believe that education is the key to enjoy anal play. We created this 7-piece set to equip you with everything you need to safely prepare for anal penetration.

Scroll down to learn about the 7 unique items that make up the b-Vibe anal training kit & education set.

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b-Vibe anal training kit & education set
Embark on a Booty-ful Journey

3 sizes, 3 stimulations, and 3 levels of intensity to ease you into the FUNDAMENTals of anal exploration.

3 sizes, 3 stimulations, and 3 levels of intensity to ease you into the FUNDAMENTals of anal exploration.

meet the anal training kit & education set,
a 7-piece set that will slowly train your
for pleasureable anal sex

This b-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a small silicone butt plug

small silicone butt plug

The small silicone butt plug is a non-vibrating, beginner's friendly anal toy with a flexible neck and flared base.

rechargeable vibrating butt plug

The medium vibrating butt plug features a powerful motor and can be recharged via the included USB for endless anal play.

This b-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a rechargeable vibrating butt plug
This b-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a large weighted butt plug

large weighted butt plug

Weighing 180g, the largest plug in this anal training kit is a weighted butt plug that's designed to create a sensual feeling of fullness & pressure.

your guide to anal

A comprehensive guide that includes sex educator approved how-to guides and easy step-by-step advice that will help you understand how to prepare your body for anal sex.

This b-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a complete guide to anal play
This b-Vibe Anal Training Kit includes a travel bag, lubricant launcher, and an anal enema

added accessories

The anal training kit comes with a discreet travel bag, a lubricant applicator to slick things up and an anal enema to help you prep before anal play.

Soft Seamless Silicone 3 Durable Butt Plugs Hypoallergenic & Body-Safe 100% Splashproof Easy To Clean

"For folks with genital dysphoria, I recommend the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit. The kit features a trans-inclusive guide to anal play, an enema, a lube launcher, and three plugs for training your rear. Because anal sex focuses both on internal stimulation via penetration and external play through stimulating the anus, and learning how to have safe, sanitary, and pleasurable anal sex is a must. Purchasing this set will help you go from zero experience to a rear primed for all sorts of fun." - Octavia Leona Kohner


"Start with fingers and move on to a smaller butt plug — and be sure to buy one with a flared base. (You need that flare to make sure your sphincter doesn’t suck the toy all the way in.) Keep working your way through increasingly larger butt plugs or other toys — either on your own or with a partner — until you’re ready for penis-in-butt sex. And if you’re really committed and want to just get all of the tools at once, check out the anal training kit from b-Vibe or even their beginner buttstuff bundle." - Emma McGowan


"The best way to prep your body is by starting with a small plug and gradually working your way to a medium and then large size plug. You may want to try using each plug for a week, before moving on to the next size. It's much better to go slow — and I like to suggest wearing a plug around the house for an hour each evening. The b-Vibe site has tons of really amazing educational resources for navigating anal play, and the company just launched an Anal Training Kit that might be helpful during this process." - Arielle Egozi

Ready to add anal play to your sexual repertoire? Here are 7 reasons why the b-Vibe anal training kit & education set is the perfect partner to help you get started:

  • 1. Small Silicone Butt Plug — Designed to look and feel like a finger, the smallest plug in this anal training kit is slim enough for first-time anal play.

  • 2. Medium Vibrating Butt Plug — Once you start feeling comfortable with how the small butt plug feels, you might want to add another sensation to the mix: vibration.

    You can use vibration to stimulate your prostate or G-spot. Vibration also helps the sphincter muscles to relax- which is exactly what you want to do during anal play.

  • 3. Large Weighted Butt Plug — The two weighted balls (180g) inside this non-vibrating plug will help you to create a sensual feeling of fullness.

    Pro tip: Plugs are a great toy for public play, which has the added bonus of feeling forbidden or secretive.

  • 4. Lubricant Applicator — This little gadget is one of those "best things you've never heard of" or used, for that matter. It does exactly what it sounds like by lubricating those hard to reach places. Learn how to choose the best anal lube.

  • 5. Anal Enema — No anal training kit would be complete without an enema. We consider it as the perfect go-to for a 'deep' clean before anal play.

  • 6. Zipper Travel Bag — Because why wouldn't you take your anal training kit & education set on holiday?

  • 7. Complete Guide to Anal Play — We've saved the best for last. Every purchase includes a 50+ page handbook of the most comprehensive how-to guides on anal play, written by certified sex educators. Get a glimpse by checking out our most popular guides on analingus and how to prep for anal.

Is there a warranty? Our limited warranty protects the body-safe silicone plugs in this anal training kit against all defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. Put your mind at ease by registering your b-Vibe anal training kit on our website.

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Customer Reviews (10 Reviews)

It took a while to get to use most of the item in the kit but WOW! This kit is perfect for anyone wanted to explore that area, The small plug is a great started the medium has amazing vibration and the large has these weighted balls inside that move as you move! The instruction guide is amazing and beginner friendly. There is even a lube shooter which I personally recommend using.

Welcome back, butt stuff!

Anal play can be intimidating, even if you've done it before. I got this kit as a way to reintroduce butt stuff after a long hiatus and feeling like I was starting from the very beginning. This kit has been awesome! I especially like that the 3 plugs cover a pretty big size range, so you can really train and move up in size. The different features of the plugs are also a nice way to explore different sensations and help add some variety into play. The guide that's included is a real gem, too. With non-gendered language and so many facts and practical tips and techniques, it's a great reference if you're just starting out, have gotten misinformation in the past, or want to explore in new ways. My favorite part is that I don't feel like I'll outgrow it because all of the pieces are so functional and can easily be incorporated into different types of solo and partner play. I would highly recommend this kit, regardless of where you're at with butt play.

Best Anal Training Set

“This all-in-one anal training kit includes 3 butt plugs ranging from small to large, a lubricant applicator and anal douche,” says sex educator, Tatyannah King. “Not enough people are aware of the kind of training it takes to become comfortable with anal sex, so having a kit with everything you need (plus an educational book) is ideal for people who have limited experience with anal.” The largest plug is weighted, the medium-sized one vibrates, and the small one is a perfect introduction to anal play for total beginners. This set is a great value for the price, and would make a great gift for your anal-curious partner, or for yourself. — Reposted from the GQ article written by Kate Sloan.

Fun and low stress way to get started!

This kit is well thought out, with everything you need in one place to be informed and get started confidently. Very importantly, all of the parts of the kit are well made and easy to keep clean. Having all of this information and these toys bundled together made the process way less intimidating to me. It's been great for me and my partner, but I could see it being a lot of fun for someone who wants to do solo exploration as well. Highly recommend!

Pretty Good definitely worth the buy

I got this because I was interested in anal play without a partner but didnt know where to start. The book was very informative on a large brige of subjects from how to ask your partner to the basics to clean up. For the actual toys they were a good quality and were a very soft silicone. The smallest is a good start point if your completely new and allows you to get use to the feeling of something in your ass and how to insert. Very forgiving. The vibe is probaly my favorite of the bundle. It's almost completely silent and can get pretty powerful at its highest. I haven't used the biggest size yet but it is the same quality of its two other brotherin. The enema is easy to use if not a little hard to fill. The end can also be a bit pokey.

In conclusion 8/10 definitely worth the price if you are just starting.

Great Starter Kit!

I love how everything you need comes in this kit. The little booklet is absolutely so helpful with any typical questions most beginners have. Love the lube applicator and the enema ball it comes with, there’s no time quite like the present to get the ball rolling! The three plugs are made of this wonderfully smooth and soft silicone material. The big plug has a nice weight to it, the medium one vibrates, and the little guy does what he needs. I would give this a 5 star rating if it wasn’t after six months the medium vibrating one just stopped working. Still functional, but I just wish the vibrating part still worked.

Anal truly is magic

This kit made me comfortable and confident enough to try anal again. I had attempted it with a past partner years ago and we did it ALL wrong. No foreplay and no lube. Needless to say, it hurt... a LOT. We were both ignorant of the in's and out's of safe + enjoyable butt play. Fast forward a couple of years: I have a patient and knowledgeable partner, and I'm ready to try again. That's when I found this anal training kit, and let me tell you, it is well worth the money. Not only are the butt plugs of exceptional quality, but the Anal Guide is extremely informative. After using only the first two sizes of butt plugs, I'm having anal sex. Apprehension and fear have been lifted, and a whole new world of pleasure has taken its place. I'm seriously beyond grateful to have had such a comforting and helpful tool to introduce me to the magic of anal and butt play in general. Not sure why this kit doesn't have more glowing reviews, but take it from me, if you're nervous but want to explore the pleasure your butthole has to offer, invest in this kit - or any of their beginner products for that matter.

Comprehensive Kit for Anal Play

If you’re looking to explore butt plugs, this anal training kit has everything you need to get started. Not only does it come with three different plugs so you can move up in size more comfortably, it also has a lube shooter to easily get it up there. The two larger plugs vibrate when you’re ready for a little more stimulation, and the set also includes a water enema bulb for cleaning up a bit inside your butt before using a plug (which isn’t necessary but helps some people feel more comfortable). It comes with an extensive guidebook with tips on anal play safety and best practices.

Great products for amazing anal play!

If you’re new to anal and curious, there’s really no better all-in-one kit than b-Vibe’s anal training kit & education set. It comes with a small silicone butt plug (the size of a finger, great for beginners), a medium vibrating butt plug, a large-sized weighted butt plug, lube shooter, travel bag, a travel bag to keep all your toys together, and a hefty 50+ handbook on anal tips from sex educators.

The best butt plug set for beginners

If you’re looking to explore butt plugs, this b-Vibe Anal Training Kit has everything you need to get started. Not only does it come with three different plugs so you can move up in size more comfortably, it also has a lube shooter to easily get it up there. The two larger plugs vibrate when you’re ready for a little more stimulation, and the set also includes a water enema bulb for cleaning up a bit inside your butt before using a plug (which isn’t necessary but helps some people feel more comfortable), and an extensive guidebook with tips on anal play safety and best practices.

  • Specification of the Butt Plugs
    Size Material Dimensions Weight Battery Charging Use Time
    Small Body Safe Silicone 98 x 26 x 50 mm 35.5 g / / /
    Medium Body Safe Silicone/ ABS 134 x 32 x 68 mm 88 g Battery li-ion 2 Hours 1.25 Hours
    Large Body Safe Silicone 137 x 40 x 71.5 mm 180 g / / /

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