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  • Nice but...

    Reviewed: January 25, 2021 by Madison

    My wife and I both used this plug. I like the modes and function, the only issue we both had was it wants to fall out easier than I’d like and my wife agreed when she used it. We have the smaller vibrating snug plug and like it. Maybe if the shoulders were a little bigger it wouldn’t fly out when I climaxed. Lol. I do like it and will continue enjoying it!

  • Very well worth it.

    Reviewed: January 23, 2021 by David

    Well I have used many toys and plugs over the years and when I was looking for a new plug, I discovered b-Vibe products. I first ordered #4 and that took a while to get in and get used to it. Then I decided to try #5. Well, let me say that this is one great feeling of fullness. As far as the internal balls are concerned I did feel them yesterday when I walked down the hill to get the mail. After you get used to using the #5 model and decide to use #4 the next day or so the #4 goes in very, very easily. b-Vibe makes great products that are worth the price. Don't settle for anything else. If they ever make a #6 I will be happy to give that one a test ride.

  • Good Vibrations

    Reviewed: January 18, 2021 by James@CharlestonSC

    I absolutely love this plug! I had the non-vibrating snug plug to start with. I bought this one as soon as it came out. It's perfect for extended wear with excellent battery life. I've kept it in overnight and while out running errands around town.

  • Extraordinary!

    Reviewed: January 9, 2021 by cassildra@gmail.com

    This feels so good. I love anal and this is perfect. Yummy.

  • Best toy I’ve EVER purchased!

    Reviewed: December 19, 2020 by Eli

    At first, as I wasn’t very experienced with anal play, I was intimidated by the size of this. I’m so glad I tried it tho! Hands down the best orgasms I’ve ever had have come from using this toy! The combo of the rimming beads and the vibration is just AMAZING! I’ve been wanting something larger and I just ordered the medium. Just be aware while the toy is water proof, the remote appears to not be, I used this in the shower and then the battery in the remote rusted, but it’s possible I didn’t close the battery door correctly. It’s not worth knocking a star off tho. Overall this is still an awesome toy!

  • Feels amazing

    Reviewed: December 5, 2020 by Kris

    I was a little bit sketched when buying this but I loved it it feels amazing and it makes orgasms more fun definitely recommend!

  • Wonderful Textures

    Reviewed: December 5, 2020 by Kevin

    The texture plugs are fantastic. The medium was my first b-Vibe product and turned out to be a gateway plug. The medium has a fantastic shape and is easily used in both partner play and the shower. The large has heft and the motor is extremely strong. Time, lube, and patience makes them so easy to enjoy. These are well constructed products worth their premium price.

  • Anal truly is magic

    Reviewed: December 3, 2020 by Allyson

    : I have a patient and knowledgeable partner, and I'm ready to try again. That's when I found this anal training kit, and let me tell you, it is well worth the money. Not only are the butt plugs of exceptional quality, but the Anal Guide is extremely informative. After using only the first two sizes of butt plugs, I'm having anal sex. Apprehension and fear have been lifted, and a whole new world of pleasure has taken its place. I'm seriously beyond grateful to have had such a comforting and helpful tool to introduce me to the magic of anal and butt play in general. Not sure why this kit doesn't have more glowing reviews, but take it from me, if you're nervous but want to explore the pleasure your butthole has to offer, invest in this kit - or any of their beginner products for that matter.

  • Best sex toy for your balls

    Reviewed: December 1, 2020 by Bobby Box - AskMen

    One part cock ring, one part weighted butt plug, the b-Vibe Snug & Tug is a hybrid toy that’s perfect for partner sex. It can also be worn solo to add some discreet excitement to your day.

  • Holy f*ck this thing is AMAZING

    Reviewed: September 20, 2020 by Happy Bottom

    Got this about 6 months ago and it instantly became my favorite toy! The rimming beads may be the best sexual sensation I’ve felt in my life! My orgasms with this are some of the best I’ve ever had too! 11/10, best sex toy ever.

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