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Expand your heinie horizons with the b-Vibe Expand Plug! Give your pleasure canal a workout of wonder with an expanding inner shaft and vibrating external motor that sends sensations from your perianal zone all the way to your prostate with remote-controlled settings.

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expand your hole-rizons with dual
sensation orgasms and an inflating shaft
b-Vibe Expandable and vibrating shaft Prostate Plug

expandable, vibrating shaft

The Expand Plug vibrates while it expands to fill your whole hole with the push of a button. Featuring 5 levels of expansion and 5 vibration patterns, this plug is designed to fill while it flicks the prostate and pummels your perianal zone with an external base motor.

ergonomic shape for all experience levels

The curve of the Expand Plug is designed for direct prostate stimulation, giving beginners a direct line to p-spot pleasure and advanced users a no-nonsense design so they can experiment with the many advanced features of expansion.

b-Vibe Expandable and vibrating shaft Prostate Plug
b-Vibe Expandable and vibrating shaft Prostate Plug

double sensations

The internal, expanding feature fills your sphincter and simulates the sensation of someone orgasming inside of you, while the external motor rocks your booty and your body from the perianal area to your prostate.

remote controlled pleasure

Use the on-base buttons or included remote control to quickly and conveniently adjust the vibration and expansion of your plug.

b-Vibe Expandable and vibrating shaft Prostate Plug
icon expanding tip Expanding Tip icon expanding Anal-Friendly
Tapered Base
30ft Remote
& Body-Safe
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Customer Reviews (1 Reviews)

This thing is amazing. It’s brand new and I was worried because I couldn’t find reviews anywhere.

But it fits perfect without falling out during intercourse. The vibration is so strong my wife can feel it when I’m using it.

There’s a mode where it continuously pumps up and deflates inside you. It honestly feels like someone is blowing their load deep inside of you and if you’ve never felt that, it’s so fulfilling and OMG.

5/5. The only drawback (which is true for most, if not all bvibe products) is the charger. We need stronger magnets.

expand plug
    • Weight: 145 g / 0.32 lbs
    • Size: 132.5 (H) x 111 (W) x 40.5 (D) mm
    • Battery: 700 mAh
    • Charging Time: 2 Hours
    • Use Time: 1 Hour
    • Interface: 2 Button Manual Control, 5 Button Remote Control
    • Material: Body-Safe Silicone
    • Original Size of Expand Plug: 41.8mm = 1.65"
    • Expansion Modes 1 to 3: small -> medium -> large
    • Mode 1 (Small): 42.5mm = 1.67"
    • Mode 2 (Medium): 44.7mm = 1.75"
    • Mode 3 (Large): 46mm = 1.80"
    • Mode 4: Small to large, stop in the middle of each stage for 1 second, repeat.
    • Mode 5: From small to large & repeat.

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