ergoflo director large anal douche

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Anal hygiene is one of the most common concerns that people have about anal play. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to manage. The benefit of buying the ergoflo director is that it’s reusable, includes multiple size tips, and holds a larger amount of water- which is great for folks using larger products, those who plan to enjoy long play sessions, or anyone who desire a thorough cleanse.

The ergoflo director is a large anal douche that comes with a 3” travel size nozzle and an 8” silicone extra-long flex-tip nozzle. It features a 9 oz. medical grade contoured bulb and air valve technology to prevent any potential backflow. Requiring fewer refills and the optional extra-long nozzle not available for its smaller counterpart, the ergoflo impulse​, the ergoflo director provides an incredible deep cleaning.

The medical grade contoured bulb is easily detachable, making the ergoflo director a perfect reuseable travel buddy for your anal play adventures.

How To Use: Lubricate the nozzle with a water-based quality lubricant. Gently insert the tip into the rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with the tip pointing toward the navel. Insertion may be easier if the person receiving the enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement (this helps relax the muscles around the anus). Squeeze the bulb until the water is gone. Hold the water for 10-15 seconds and release it into the toilet. You can repeat this a few times, until the water runs clear into the toilet.

Rinsing out can take some practice, so the first few times you do it, give yourself plenty of time.

Pro Tip: For the very best experience, make sure to do any type of ​enema​ 1-2 hours before anal play. Water can get trapped in the folds of the rectum and take a little time to come out. Stay near a bathroom until it does.


ergoflo director large anal douche
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