system jo h2o strawberry kisses water-based lube

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Enhance and sweeten up your foreplay with JO® H2O Strawberry Kisses, a water-based lube that’s perfect for analingus, aka rimming.

Flavored lubes are often suggested to help both givers and receivers of all types of oral sex- including butt stuff- feel more relaxed about the taste or smell. However, what truly makes flavored lube appealing is the sensational pleasure enhancement to your sexual experiences (and lube is- of course- a must for anal play!). Besides, if you’re going to use your mouth, why not enjoy the taste of strawberries?

Formulated with a pure-plant glycerin and infused with natural flavor extracts, this water-based lube will excite your taste buds and appetite for sensual pleasure. There are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners which makes this collection a guilt-free, yummy addition to bedroom play.

JO® H2O flavored lubricants are compatible with all b-Vibe toys, easy to clean, and 100% safe for anal play.


system jo h2o strawberry kisses water-based lube
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