maxflow ultra grip contour anal douche

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Featuring a unique spiral design mid-shaft, the Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche provides pleasure as it deep cleans. Easy to use and extremely efficient for anal cleansing, the Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche is described as a high-capacity douche.

Featuring a bulb with a 220mL capacity, the Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche can disperse liquid from both of its sides to clean the anus thoroughly. The bulb also is ridged to provide the perfect grip, and a flared base to ensure safety.


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Looking for an anal douche that does more than clean? The Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche is ridged to provide pleasure as it cleans.

  • Travel-Friendly — The discreetly sized anal hygiene accessory is easy to store and travel with. Its sophisticated black color allows it to easily blend in with your other personal accessories.

  • Tapered tip — The round, tapered tip of the Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche allows for easy insertion.

  • High-capacity design — Featuring not one, but two openings, this douche disperses water from both sides to provide the ultimate clean.

  • Ridged shaft — This douche doesn’t just clean to prepare you for anal play, it can also be incorporated into anal fun with its ridged shaft that provides stimulation as it is inserted and removed from the bum.

  • Squeezable bulb — The bulb of the Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche isn’t just squeezable, it also is ridged to provide the perfect grip while you clean.

  • Flared base — Clean without worrying about inserting too deep. The Maxflow Ultra Grip Contour Anal Douche’s flared base ensures that you penetrate safely.

  • Versatile for all genders — Hygiene prior to anal play can make you feel more comfortable and allow you to relax and enjoy the experience.

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Great feel but not enough vibration

Reviewed: October 24, 2019 by Jimmy

I got the Snug plug 5 couple of days ago and have been using it for about 2 hours each day. I was slightly too ambitious with the size so it takes some time to get it in, but once it's in place it feels amazing. The weight reminds constantly about the plug when walking or doing chores inside the house.

The material is really nice, the weight feels good and overall it feels really high quality.

The only complaint I have is about the balls inside. They just don't cause enough vibrations.

I've been sitting with the plug in a train for the last hour and combined with the small vibrations of the seat this feels just amazing. I can't escape the constant feeling of fullness and arousal. Exactly the way I wanted.

Not accurate advertising/ bad designed product

Reviewed: December 31, 2019 by Jeremy

This is the fourth time I am trying to post this review for the product I legitimately bought. I do not see this review posted which means it is being censored by

1. It claims that there are 3 vibrators, one in each of the biggest back 3. This is incorrect. I checked it myself. There is a total of 3 vibrators, one in bead #2,3,4. There is NO vibrator is #5. Not cool.

2. The beads do not bend much while anal cavities do. It might have been smart to google what the cavity looks like, in terms of shape, prior to design?

3. I WAS refunded the total amount of the purchase due to my complaints contained in an email conversation with the bvibe staff. I have to give credit where credit is due, their customer service is great.

This product could have been an amazing product but it doesn't seem well designed in my opinion.
Thank you.

New Toy

Reviewed: January 10, 2020 by Chris

This anal toy is really nice quality! But in my opinion, it's not for beginners. As a male, I'm totally into receiving anal play and my wife is really experienced at inserting the toys. I am a very experienced receiving Male P Spot toys and I'd say that even though this is called the Petite, it was one of the more difficult toys for her to insert. It's fairly large and took a lot of time for full insertion. Although, once it was fully inserted, it was definitely worth the effort. It caused a very intense P Spot orgasm.

Well worth it!

Reviewed: February 13, 2020 by AB

I had been looking for something like this for a long time, I told myself I would never spend a lot of money on a toy but this was well worth it! The girl at the store was helpful friendly and made me feel comfortable.
The vibration patterns are fantastic! The size was a little larger than I’m used to but once it was in it was pure ecstasy!


Reviewed: February 16, 2020 by Ronan

I worked up to this for a while. I’m a straight male, heard about prostate play and the benefits, and began experimenting. This is the best product I have used! It’s still always a challenge to get in, which makes it that much better.

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maxflow ultra grip contour anal douche
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