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System JO H2O Original Water-Based Lube 16 fl.oz. (480 ml)

Price: $44.99

JO® H2O, our sex educator’s recommended lubricant for use with b-Vibe premium silicone anal toys is now enjoyable in a larger 16oz (480ml) size- with a quick and easy pump- that makes our favorite lubricant convenient to access during sex. Simply set the bottle on your nightstand to quickly lube, lube, and repeat with ease.

JO® H2O is a thick, water-based lubricant that is specifically formulated for hypersensitive skin and works perfectly with b-Vibe products or any of your anal play adventures. The nature-based formula features pure plant-based glycerin, which provides an amazingly comfortable glide. The silky smooth, buttery lubricant is long- lasting and will not leave a sticky or tacky residue.

JO® H2O features plant sourced glycerin, no added desensitizers, and cleans easily with water.

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System JO H2O Original Water-Based Lube 16 fl.oz. (480 ml) 4.5 stars, based on 4068 reviews $44.99 Suppliers: In stock! Order now!