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The Plug Podcast by b-Vibe Episode 5

the plug. A podcast that digs deeper into anal play.
Episode 5: Eating Ass

Tossing salads isn't just for the kitchen (unless you're into that). Join Luna Matatas and her guest Dr. Carlton on this month's episode of The Plug as they explore safely preparing for and eating the most delicious meal of all, the ass.

Original Air Date: 03/26/2020


Dr. Carlton is a gay gastroenterologist who was raised in an über conservative tobacco town in the Deep South but somehow made his way to training at the Mayo Clinic for a top tier medical education. He landed his dream job in San Diego where he is married to an amazing guy and has 2 kids.
While he serves the entire community’s medical needs, he is particularly proud to serve the local LGBTQ community in San Diego as a resource for healthcare without judgment or share. He stumbled onto Tik Tok during the pandemic and realized the need and the hunger for anal sex education ...and not just from the LGBTQ family but also women and straight men interested in butt play. So many people are embarrassed to talk about anal sex or ask questions about it, but let’s face it...most people want to know how to do it right, do it well, and do it safely! Who better to ask than a gay GI doctor who not only knows the medical side of things, but is no stranger to anal sex himself?!
Check out Dr. Carlton on Tiktok and Instagram @doctorcarlton.


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