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b-Vibe: Best Butt Plugs and Anal Sex Toys for Solo & Couples

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Join sex & pleasure educator, 
Luna Matatas, in a series of 
mASSterclasses on anal.
Join sex & pleasure educator, Luna Matatas,
in a series of mASSterclasses on anal.
Demystifying and empowering
anal play through education
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“If you're using the new year as an excuse to explore the back door, you can’t do better than b-Vibe’s incredible products. The company's petite Rimming Plug is ideal for beginners. It offers the same technology as b-Vibe's original Rimming Plug, but with a smaller design for a gentler fit.”


“If you're “been there, done that” with most anal toys on the market, b-Vibe’s latest Snug Plugs are just the thing for you. These silicone butt plugs come in five different sizes, so they're perfect for beginners and pros. Made of seamless, body-safe silicone, the plugs feature a smooth handle and come with their own carrying case.”

Men's Health

“Men may find that having their prostate stimulated triggers earth-shattering orgasms, and women might find anal insertion pleasurable as well. With that in mind, consider the Rimming Plug 2, an upgrade of the original b-Vibe, which is fast becoming a leading name in anal play.”


“Founded by sex educator Alicia Sinclair, b-Vibe’s a new sex toy company offering an innovative take on anal pleasure—and betting that a combination of high quality toys and anal education will put them in the position to be the Apple of butt sex. Will butt plugs ever go fully mainstream? It's about time.”

Elite Daily

“Alicia Sinclair knows all about sex toys, as she invented the b-Vibe, a collection of vibrators made exclusively for anal play. Incorporating toys into your sex life is also a great way to achieve orgasm through anal. And who wouldn't want to have an insane anal orgasm?!”


“Talk about next-level! The Rimming Plug 2 has rotating beads in the neck of the toy, which mimic the sensation of “rimming” and help relax the sphincter. This toy is a great choice for those who are already familiar with butt plugs and are looking for a unique new toy for their collection.”

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