Anal Training 101: Moving from Hesitation to Penetration

access_time Last updated : 26 February 2020 /  Anal Play Advice
How do I start anal training? Our certified educators reveal 5 simple steps to move from hesitation to penetration.

As anal sex becomes less taboo, people of all genders and sexualities are taking more of an interest in tantalizing the tushy. But first, you ought to know about anal training.

What is Anal Training?

Anal training is exactly what it sounds like: it's taking the time, care, and necessary steps to help your body prepare for anal sex.

Anal training is a necessary step for anal sex. In order to ensure that the anus is prepared and comfortable for anal sex, there needs to be anal training that involves ensuring that the anus is accustomed to being penetrated. — Kinkly

Anal training can be done solo or with a partner and can be an incredibly erotic experience. Preparing yourself to stretch your limits can add "oomph" to a playful power dynamic, a dominant/ submission relationship, or even just a Sunday night in the shower.

How Do I Start Anal Training?

1. Get your brain on board.

The thought of anal play can be quite scary to people. When it comes to anal training, there is a lot of misinformation, taboo, and stereotypes that can confuse and cause a lot of fear.

The first step of anal training is to be mentally relaxed.

...and what's the first thing your body (and butt) does when you're scared? It tightens up. Which is no way to welcome in a penetrative object. Being mentally relaxed, well educated, and consensually excited to dive into the deep end is an essential part of anal training and anal sex. Rather than aiming to start with penetrative anal sex (meaning penis/ dildo inside the butt), start off with a sexy anal massage.

Analingus (oral sex on the anus) is also a fun and exciting way to get started with anal training.

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2. Familiarize yourself with your fanny.

Before partners get involved, try practicing solo anal masturbation. Massage the outside of your anus and maybe even dip the tip of your finger in your own bum while you're alone in the shower.

Learning about the anal anatomy can be a huge benefit prior to performing anal play

Locate the two layers of the anal sphincter muscles (the outer one pushes things out, and the inner one sucks things in) and practice breathing and bearing down on your finger to help the first one relax. Feeling well-versed in your own body will increase your confidence when partnered up.

3. Lube up.

Your anus doesn't self-lubricate like the vagina and the butt's tissues tend to be less elastic. This makes using lubricant for all kinds of anal play essential. No lube means no fun.

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Lube is absolutely vital when it comes to anal training and penetrative sex.

4. Toy with it.

Anal training is best done with several anal toys, graduating in size as you get more comfortable. Going from zero to the penis is a no-no. The anal sphincter is strong, yet delicate. It's best if you start small, with something like fingers, and then work your way towards something larger such as a butt plug.

b-Vibe's collection of vibrating anal toys are perfect for anal training.

A small vibrating butt plug, like our Novice Plug, is a great option for anal training because it's about the size of a finger and is a good transition from fingers to toys.

If you're already past fingers and want something slightly larger, try the b-Vibe Trio Plug, which is a medium-sized, flexible butt plug that offers incredibly powerful vibrations. The amazing thing about vibration is that it's not only a pleasurable sensation, but it also relaxes muscles which make vibrating butt plugs an ideal toy for anal training... and that's exactly what you want to be doing. The added benefit of Novice and Trio Plug is the remote control, which allows a person to easily be in control of their experience. Or- if you so choose- hand the remote to another person. This adds fun to couple's play and can be a sensual power dynamic in the bedroom.

Another fantastic option is our tapered anal beads, called the Triplet. The Triplet Anal Beads are a great recommendation for beginners because the progressively larger, tapered size beads allow beginners to start slow, with just the smallest bead, and then gradually work towards the medium and larger bead.

Triplet anal beads are great for anal training due to its unique and adaptable design.

Three sizes in one product make it easy to start and stop at varying degrees of size and comfort. Plus, the Triplet vibrating anal beads have two rumbly motors and the vibration is easily felt throughout the entire length of the toy. After you've experimented with anal massage, perhaps mastered anal training by playing with an appropriately sized butt plug or anal beads, and found that you enjoy the experience- then move from anal training to anal penetration with a penis or dildo (if that is your intended goal).

Remember, go slow and use lots of lube. Lube is your best friend for anal play because unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating.

5. Anal is not a race!

These anal training steps can happen over the course of a few hours, days, weeks, or more. When it comes to anal training, do what works and feels best for your body. A positive experience, in the beginning, enables positive and pleasurable experiences in the long run.

Anal training is not a race; take your time, go slow, and slippery.

Carry on with Part 2 of the Anal Training series - It's Not Something You Do Once! — Or check out our most popular guides on prostate stimulation and how to prep for anal sex.

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