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Master 8 anal foreplay techniques on how to give an anal massge
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Anal Massage: Master the Best Anal Massaging Techniques

Last Updated: May 28, 2024

Anal massage - an essential form of anal foreplay - can be a great way to arouse your partner and get them in the mood for anal intercourse. Follow our soft-core illustrations and treat your partner with these 8 sensual anal massaging techniques.

Why You Should Give Your Partner an Anal Massage

Penis-havers and vulva-havers are both blessed with countless erotic nerve endings located at the anal opening- stimulating them with your tongue a.k.a analingus or with your fingers can feel extremely pleasurable! Also, an anal massage is a perfect way to prepare your body for anal sex. But before you do anything, ask yourself the following.

Is Your Partner Interested in Anal Massaging?

Always ask for consent. We recommend having this conversation in a room where you and your partner don’t regularly have sex or aren’t planning to have sex. So, the bedroom is off-limits.

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During an open and honest conversation, ask each other: Is an anal massage something that you both want to do? If either person answers no, then accept that answer. Don't pressure them into doing something that they're not comfortable with. There's always the option of having anal masturbation by yourself. Now if you both say, “yes”, that's awesome!

Before You Begin Anal Massaging

Always wash your hands before and after anal play. Besides the obvious, you’ll want to trim your nails and keep them short. We also recommend filing them to make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges that could cause tears in the anus (!). And if you’re still concerned about hygiene, simply use a glove or a nitrile “finger condom”.

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Best Lube for Anal Massage

Ideally, you want to use a lube that’s silky-smooth and super long-lasting like a silicone-based lube. You can also use something as simple as coconut oil lube - it’s versatile, easy to find, and perfect for anal play. This Coconut Love Oil by Woo More Play works great during an anal massage.

Best Anal Massaging Techniques

Now that you've mastered anal hygiene and got your lube ready, you're ready to put these 8 anal massaging techniques and tips to the test!

1. Draw Big Circles

Start your anal massage by making circular motions around the rim.

A finger making circular motions around the anus for sexual pleasure

2. Draw Smaller Circles

Another excellent anal massage technique is to make smaller circular motions around the anus.

A finger making small circular motions around the anus during an anal massage

3. One Finger Stroke

Stroke the anus gently using one finger to give your partner a different sensation.

A finger stroking the anus in a straight action for sexual pleasure

4. Three Finger Stroke

The three-finger technique offers wider stimulation and is said to be more pleasurable.

Three fingers stroking the anus during an anal massage for better pleasure and stimulation

5. One Finger Rub

Rubbing the rosebud can enhance sexual satisfaction.

A finger rubbing the anus vigorously for sexual pleasure

6. Three Finger Rub

Use three fingers for greater stimulation.

Three fingers rubbing the anus energetically during an anal massage

7. Stroke Down, Both Hands

When you're ready to involve both hands, stroke down to create a multitude of sensations.

Two hands performing an anal massage by stroking downwards on the anus

8. Stroke Up, Both Thumbs

Rub the rim up with both hands. If you're comfortable, you can also introduce a little tongue action.

Two thumbs stroking the anal sphincter upwards for sexual pleasure

Progressing from Anal Massage to Anal Fingering

Once you've perfected these external anal massage moves, your partner might be ready for ass fingering. Like anal massage, fingering can often provide incredible sensations and it involves inserting a finger or fingers into the anus for sexual pleasure. Men will usually find anal fingering particularly pleasurable because it can lead to the stimulation of the prostate, which is the equivalent of a woman’s G-spot.


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