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Meet the b-Vibe Butt-ies

We don't just come out for Pride, we're out all year long. As a team of predominately queer creators, we don't wait for a special month to make things a little gay. But this month, we're making things extra gay! Introducing the b-Vibe Butt-ies, where we shed a spotlight on our team and let them spread wide on their favorite products, their daily life, and how being queer in the sex toy industry impacts the community.
Editorial Manager & Photographer

Shawn is the Editorial Manager and Photographer for b-Vibe, managing the creative, managing the creative copywriting for web, packaging, and newsletters, and directing the studio where our magical editorial photos are taken. Shawn is a recovering mall goth who moonlights as a drag queen and is bitter that he can't pull off the whale-tail look as good as Christina Aguilera.

"You can't be uptight and work in this industry... everyone really gets to showcase their true personality."

"My favorite sex toy is like my favorite Spice Girls song... When Two Become one. As someone who identifies as versatile, I'm not ashamed of rocking all my erogenous zones at once, which makes the Vibrating Snug 'n Tug the magnum opus of my toy drawer.

Vibrating Snug & Tug
Art Director

Jer is the Art Director for b-Vibe, leading the visual direction for campaigns and keeping the brands' visuals fresh, as well as acting as Design Manager for b-Vibe's digital content. Jer is a self-described spooky titillator who lives for two things: a phat ass and a tight speedo.

"It's nice that the societal boundaries are much more broken down working here."

"Call me Kylie Minogue, because I'm always Spinning Around with the Swirl Texture Plug. The ridges and textures give you interesting sensations the longer you wear it, and I love that it gives me good vibes... literally."

Swirl Texture Plug
Graphic Designer

Ronel is the self-proclaimed all around bitch of the design team. Crafting visuals for web, packaging, print, and sometimes, the products themselves. A little bit of Ronel is on everything b-Vibe (but don't worry, he gets tested regularly). On his days off, Ronel can be found listening to his Teaches of Peaches vinyl and indulging in his two favorite things, REDACTED and REDACTED.

"I just wanna look at the hot daddies."

"'So y'all wanted Twist?!' That's my Laganja Estranja impression...But seriously, I do want a Twist Texture Plug. It has a comfortable and flexible neck that's comfy for wearing around and the larger size really hits all the spots."

Twist Texture Plug

Moon is a Copywriter for b-Vibe, writing on everything from butt stuff hygiene to Unicorn Erotica. When she's not writing about what's up her butt, she can be found reminiscing about the best outfit she ever wore in 1997, rollerskating around the office to DMX, or making saucy video content (usually with tomato or white sauce base).

"Pride is a realignment back to who we know we really are."

"Variety really is the spice of life, but I don't want my toy drawer overflowing with different buttplugs to get that! The Trio plug gives me a compact variety. A single plug with 3 motors that I can control independently. It hits all my spots, or just one of my spots... or just two of my spots. But it's totally up to me and it's a totally different experience each time."

The Trio Plug
Design Manager

Leanne is the Design Manager for Le Wand, b-Vibe's sister brand, overseeing the design from the website to newsletters and acts as a stylist for the Le Wand photo shoots. Leanne is a hardcore meditator who isn't shy to bump her booty in any situation. She likes her coffee strong, her shortbread cookies thick, and her buttplugs with both of these qualities.

"I think it's more important to try and just not care if you're a bad twerker or not"

"Two things I love the most are celebrations and butts. That's why the 5th Anniversary Edition of the Snug Plug 4 was my first pick for favorite plug. It has the perfect size and weight for solo plugging and couples play and the shiny design is just so dog-gone fun!"

5th Anniversary Edition of the Snug Plug 4
“If you're using the new year as an excuse to explore the back door, you can’t do better than b-Vibe’s incredible products. The company's petite Rimming Plug is ideal for beginners. It offers the same technology as b-Vibe's original Rimming Plug, but with a smaller design for a gentler fit.”
“If you're “been there, done that” with most anal toys on the market, b-Vibe’s latest Snug Plugs are just the thing for you. These silicone butt plugs come in five different sizes, so they're perfect for beginners and pros. Made of seamless, body-safe silicone, the plugs feature a smooth handle and come with their own carrying case.”
“Men may find that having their prostate stimulated triggers earth-shattering orgasms, and women might find anal insertion pleasurable as well. With that in mind, consider the Rimming Plug 2, an upgrade of the original b-Vibe, which is fast becoming a leading name in anal play.”
“Founded by sex educator Alicia Sinclair, b-Vibe’s a new sex toy company offering an innovative take on anal pleasure—and betting that a combination of high quality toys and anal education will put them in the position to be the Apple of butt sex. Will butt plugs ever go fully mainstream? It's about time.”
“Alicia Sinclair knows all about sex toys, as she invented the b-Vibe, a collection of vibrators made exclusively for anal play. Incorporating toys into your sex life is also a great way to achieve orgasm through anal. And who wouldn't want to have an insane anal orgasm?!”
“Talk about next-level! The Rimming Plug 2 has rotating beads in the neck of the toy, which mimic the sensation of “rimming” and help relax the sphincter. This toy is a great choice for those who are already familiar with butt plugs and are looking for a unique new toy for their collection.”
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