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A guide to the best couples sex toys for partner play
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Partnering Up: The Best Couples Sex Toys

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024

Sex toys can help bring an additional element of pleasure into your partnered sex or during mutual masturbation. Check out some of our favorite couples sex toys for partner play, regardless of gender or orientation!

Best Couples Sex Toy for Mutual Masturbation

* Voted by Meagan Drillinger and Jeremy Glass on Men's Health as one of the best couples sex toys

Wand-style vibrators like Le Wand are classics because of how powerful and versatile they are. Le Wand features a long cordless handle, so you can maneuver it easily between bodies, regardless of what position you’re in, without getting tangled up.

Best Couples Sex Toy

Incorporate Le Wand into your foreplay for an all-over massage to help you relax and ease into your body, and work it toward your more intimate and sensitive erogenous zones to add extra zing to your sex.

The 10 vibration intensities and 20 vibration patterns help you cater the experience to your sweetie’s whims. Take the wand experience even further by adding an attachment. We particularly love the insertable Curve silicone attachment, which turns your wand into a super-strong g-spot or p-spot vibrator, but there are several other internal and external attachments to explore. With this customizable vibe, the possibilities for your date night are endless!

Best Mini Wand Vibrator for Couples

* Winner of XBIZ's Luxury Brand of the Year, the Le Wand Petite was also heralded as one of the best couples sex toys by Brides

If you love the power and versatility of a wand, but want something a little less bulky for your partner play, look no further than Le Wand Petite.

The Petite version of the Le Wand is another great couples sex toy

This small powerhouse wand is ideal for travel and easy for couples to use. With 10 powerful intensities and 6 different vibration patterns, Le Wand Petite does not compromise function for form.

Le Wand Petite boasts many of the same features of the larger original Le Wand. It is rechargeable and cordless, it has a non-porous and body-friendly silicone head, and it’s splashproof, which allows you to bring powerful vibration into your shower sex. There are also two external attachments and two textured covers designed specifically for Le Wand Petite, offering even more ways of bringing this wand into your couples play.

Novice Plug

* Winner of GQ Best Stuff's sex toy for couples and back door beginners

For couples that are curious about anal play, B-Vibe’s Novice Plug is an excellent way to get started.

This small vibrating plug is perfect for introducing backdoor penetration due to its beginner-friendly size and range of vibrations that help relax the sphincter muscles.

The b-Vibe Novice Plug is a small butt plug with some truly exceptional features

If your partner has a vagina, the Novice plug can be worn anally during vaginal penetration; the 6 vibration intensities and 15 patterns are powerful enough to be felt by both partners during sex.

The Novice Plug can also be worn by partners who have a prostate for additional stimulation during penetration, handjobs, or while receiving oral. The Novice Plug also has a remote, which you can trade between partners in the bedroom, or if you choose to take your play on the road. The remote opens up a range of possibilities including power exchange, orgasm tease and denial, and fun sex games that lead to a titillating vibrating reward!

Best Couples Sex Toy Kit for Anal Play

It can be tough for couples to narrow down and choose just one anal toy, especially if they’re just getting started, but have their sights set on working their way up in size to a larger toy or penis.

b-Vibe’s Anal Training Kit is the perfect solution for the dedicated anal adventurer. This kit contains three basic silicone plugs that feature graduated tapered shapes and come in three progressive sizes.

One of the best couples sex toys is an anal training kit

The set, which pairs well with a lot of anal lube, communication, and warm-up, lets each partner decide which size is best for starting, and gives you the tools to move up when you’re ready. This set is also great for sharing. With three plugs in the set, both partners can enjoy the feeling of fullness by wearing a plug, with a third to spare if you want to bring a friend into the mix!

Best Sex Machine for Couples

Dial your couple’s sex all the way up with The Cowgirl. The vibration intensity of The Cowgirl can go up to 1,200 RPMs, making it one of the most powerful sex machines on the market.

Best Sex Machine for Couples

The Cowgirl is ideal for couple's play because it offers a number of unique possibilities for pleasure. It can be controlled either with a corded control box or through a smartphone app. The Cowgirl app makes couples sex responsive and interactive, even for couples who are not in the same place. Whether you’re using the app to stay connected over long distances, or for control and customization in the same room, you’re able to incorporate your couples sex machine into orgasm denial, edging, power exchange, or intense sensation play.

Take The Cowgirl for a ride together, and start by trying out all 6 vibration patterns at the full range of intensities (start slow and work your way up to increase stamina and build up and layer sensations). Try out the external Rawhide attachment, or use the insertable Wild West attachment for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Controlling The Cowgirl puts great power in your hands. Use it wisely, passionately, and playfully to bring your partner to new heights of pleasure!

Sex toys offer unique and interesting ways to enhance your already hot sex, and all sex toys that can be used solo can also be used by couples in different and creative ways. Check out our website for more ideas on how to incorporate your favorite toys into your couples sex.

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