3 Porn stars share their best tips on getting fisted
Why These Porn Stars Love Getting Fisted

I have never been fisted. Have I fisted other men’s anuses? Oh, absolutely. The first time I did It, I was shocked by two things. First, where the heck did my arm just go? I was perplexed by the human anatomy. Second, I was surprised by just how much pleasure …

Sex educator Dirty Lola shares a 101 guide on how to use rimming plugs
How to Use & Enjoy Rimming Plugs

Rimming, also known as analingus, tossing salad, and eating groceries, is the act of orally pleasuring the anus by licking, sucking, kissing, etcetera. Basically, any pleasurable act that involves anal to oral contact.

8 Amazing Reasons Why Every Man Should Try Pegging

I love putting things up my butt. Penises, dildos, prostate massagers, anal beads, butt plugs—you name it—I love it. But I know I’m special. I’m not like other guys out there. (Well, I should clarify, I’m not like many other straight men out there. Gay/bi/queer bottoms definitely love things in their behind!) Still, I …

Sex educator Zachary Zane and Dr. Evan Goldstein share their top tips on how to prevent anal fissures
Complete Guide to Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are the worst, but luckily, they’re easy to prevent and treat!

Cannabis expert Ashely Manta reveals everything about using cannabis during anal play
Cannabis and Anal Play

Happy 4/20 and welcome to the glorious world of cannabis-assisted anal exploration. We’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned traveler, this post is for you!

Sex expert Zachary Zane shares 6 lesson on how bottoming made him a better top
How Bottoming Made Me a Better Top

I used to be a bisexual man who exclusively topped. If anyone got near my butthole with either their hands, fingers, or a dildo, I’d shoot them a death glare and say, “Don’t you dare.” In 2021, I am still very much bisexual, but now I love to both top …

Sex educator Dirty Lola shares her best anal training tips
Anal Training Tips From a Pro

Spontaneous sex acts can be fun; however, certain intimate exploits, like anal sex and certain types of anal play, are a lot more fun when you take your time prepping for them.

Dirty Lola shares her tips on buying and using a big butt toy
Your Guide to Buying Big Butt Toys

Think you’re ready to expand your arse-nal, but not sure where to begin? Our resident plug-spert, Dirty Lola, walks us through all the steps your booty needs to consider when buying a big butt toy. There comes a time in everyone’s butt stuff journey when you begin to contemplate going …

What you need to know before you try the b-Vibe Snug Plug 6
Are You Ready for the World’s Heaviest Plug?

Before taking the bigger plug plunge, you should first gauge if you’re ready for the next step. Here’s all the info you need to size up your sphincter!

Sex educator Zachary Zane shares 8 things he wished he knew before having anal sex
What I Wished I Knew Before My First Time Having Anal Sex

The first time I had anal sex was a mess. Not literally, thank God, but emotionally and spiritually, I was in shambles. Now I had topped (been the insertive anal partner) many times before with men, women, and nonbinary babes. The anal bottoms (receptive anal partners) I had sex with …

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