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Learn the best and kinkiest ways on how to use a remote control butt plug
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5 Kinky Ways to Enjoy Remote Controlled Anal Play

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2021
If you're looking for ways to further explore dominant and submissive roles within your relationship and you've both agreed that butt stuff is on the table, adding one of b-Vibe remote controlled plugs to your anal play time is a good place to start. While non-powered anal plugs can be great, remote controlled plugs create an invisible tether to your partner that can be used in so many delicious ways. They also make teasing in private more convenient and help to keep teasing in public inconspicuous. Both of which can be useful during a scene. The best part is that you're only limited by your own imagination. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate remote-controlled plugs into your D/s play:

Spice Up Chore Day

Turn chore day into a kinky play day by slipping in a Trio Plug before vacuuming or doing the dishes. A few clicks and sweeping the kitchen becomes a lesson in focus. One of the kinkiest ways to enjoy remote control butt plugs is to use them while doing chores Feeling a little sadistic? Play around with the 8 vibration intensity levels and 9 vibration patterns or switch the Trio Plug on and off at unexpected moments. Kick it up a notch by adding nudity to the mix. Naked, squirmy pleasure is yours with the touch of a button. You may find you're looking forward to cleaning your house more often.
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Public Pleasures

If you want to share a naughty moment in public while still respecting the boundaries of those around you, a remote controlled anal toy is the way to go. Another kinky way to use remote control butt plugs is by wearing them in public It will allow you to keep the risqué part of play hidden while still reveling in your exhibitionist glory. Whether you simply share a knowing glance at a party or you find yourself trying not to orgasm over dessert, taking a remote controlled anal plug for a spin in public will add some sizzle to your public play. Pro Tip: Carry hypoallergenic baby wipes and a baggie for your anal plug in case you need to remove it while you're out.

Upgrade Your Sensation Play

Sensation play can be a wonderful exercise in trust and submission. There's something special about being blindfolded and teased with mystery objects, each eliciting unique reactions. Using a remote control butt plug is a great way to enhance D and S play Feather ticklers, candle wax, and Wartenburg wheels are just a few of the items you could use on your sensation-loving submissive. Adding a Rimming Plug into the mix can add an extra layer of sensation and sensitivity. The swipe of a feather or drip of wax will feel completely different once they're focused on the rotating beads and the yummy vibrations. The Triplet Anal Beads is another great choice for this scenario. The rumbly motors and flexible tapered size beads will have orgasms rolling through their body.

Safety is Sexy

Set boundaries and always put safety first when using a remote control butt plug during D and S play While you're having fun exploring your D/s connection it is still important to play safely. That is especially important when playing with a new type of toy.

5 ways to safely use a remote controlled anal toy:

1. Choose a plug that is right for you. b-Vibe makes plugs in various sizes including the beginner-friendly Novice Plug, so there's something for everyone no matter where you land on the anal play spectrum. 2. Be sure to read ALL of the instructions that come with your anal plug before using. 3. Wash your anal toy thoroughly with warm water and gentle soap before inserting it. 4. We always suggest using a good quality water-based lube for anal. Some prefer thicker cushy formulas, but you should use whatever feels good for your body. Not sure what lube to use? Here's our guide on how to choose the best lube for anal play. 5. Last but not least, be sure to pick and use a safeword during anal and sensation play. This is common practice among kinky folks but if you're new to D/s it's good to have a code word that puts a stop to the scene when used. We hope these suggestions have sparked your imagination and inspired you to add a b-Vibe remote controlled butt plug to your kinky toolbox. Have fun and play safe!
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