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How to recycle sex toys
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An Eco-Friendly Guide to Recycling Sex Toys

Last Updated: May 07, 2024 / By Alicia Sinclair

Let's set the scene. Your favorite vibrating toy has died on you in your time of need. Changing its batteries or putting its USB charging cable in with a little extra nudge has no effect on bringing it back to life. It's time to let it RIP and move on. But how can you give your beloved sex toy the send-off it and the planet truly deserves?

Climate change and sustainability have become increasingly important in all aspects of our lives, including our most intimate experiences and bedroom adventures. Just like any other product, sex toys have a lifespan, but when it comes to knowing how to recycle sex toys, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you have a b-Vibe sex toy that has stopped working within a year of purchase, your first place to head to is our warranty claim form to action a free replacement.

If you're not the lucky owner of a b-Vibe toy, fear not. We've come a long way from jelly-like plastic dildos which simply cannot be broken down or recycled, and we now enjoy the all-around healthier benefits of sex toys made from ABS plastics, silicone, glass, and metal, which are all recyclable.

We're going to explore the whys, how-tos, and everything in between of recycling sex toys, so when your trusted vibrating friend takes its final buzz, you'll know exactly what to do.

What are the benefits of sex toy recycling?

Sex toy recycling has numerous benefits, including waste reduction, the promotion of sustainability, and supporting social responsibility initiatives. Let's look at the main key benefits of recycling your sex toys:

1. Environmental conservation

Recycling your sex toys helps reduce their environmental impact. Many sex toys are made from materials that can take centuries to decompose in landfills, contributing to pollution and depletion of natural resources. When these materials are recycled, natural resources are conserved and the need for new environmentally damaging manufacturing processes is minimized. A win-win!

2. Waste reduction

Recycling your sex toys helps reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Instead of ending up in a landfill where they can take up space, recycled sex toys are repurposed or transformed into new products, extending their lifespan and reducing the overall waste burden on the planet.

3. Promotion of sustainability

A culture of sustainability and responsible consumption is created when you recycle your sex toys. It encourages people to consider the environmental impact of their intimate products and take proactive steps to minimize their waste. Simply put, if you recycle your sex toy after having lots of fun in the bedroom with it, you can be smug from knowing that every orgasm has been lined with a greener and more sustainable future.

How to recycle sex toys

Whether through donation, repurposing, recycling, or trade-in programs, there are numerous ways to give old sex toys a new life while contributing to a greener planet. But where can you recycle sex toys when your toy is looking a bit tired and just 'not in the mood'?

1. Donate your sex toy to a recycling program

Several organizations and companies such as b-Vibe stockist Come As You Are! are on a mission to recycle sex toys, and have launched various programs and initiatives to help them achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.

By donating your unwanted toys to these programs, you not only extend the lifespan of the toys but also contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable approach to sexual pleasure. Most of these programs accept gently used toys, sanitize them thoroughly, and redistribute them to individuals or organizations in need.

2. Check local authorities

Research local regulations regarding the recycling of sex toys. Some areas may have specific guidelines or restrictions on the disposal of these items. Understanding the local laws and regulations can help you determine the best recycling options available to you. Pretty much any vibrating sex toy will fall under the electrical waste category and the EPA provides detailed guidance on why, how, and where to donate or recycle them.

3. Disassemble for recycling

If your sex toys are made of materials like plastic or metal, you could consider disassembling them for recycling. Separate the different components and check with your local recycling facilities to see if they accept these materials. Recycling the individual parts ensures that they are processed in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing their impact on landfills.

4. Trade-in programs

Some sex toy retailers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old sex toys for store credit or discounts on new purchases. These programs not only encourage responsible disposal of old sex toys but also make it easier to upgrade them. Check with your favorite adult stores to see if they offer such programs.

5. Dispose of responsibly

If none of the above options are feasible, and your sex toys are beyond reuse or recycling, dispose of them responsibly. Check local regulations for guidance on proper disposal methods. Avoid simply throwing them in the trash where they can end up in landfills and potentially harm the environment. Look for specialized waste disposal facilities or incinerators that can handle the materials safely.

Best practices for recycling sex toys

However you choose to dispose of your unwanted, tired, or broken sex toy, it's essential that you do it with respect for whoever is dealing with it once it leaves your bedroom. We're talking cleaning and sanitization of your beloved butt plug, dildo, vibrator, or whatever your go-to sex toy may be.

b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch
Pictured: b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch

Be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize them to remove any bodily fluids or dirt. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning or use appropriate cleaning products to ensure they are safe for reuse or recycling. And don't forget to remove any batteries.

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