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5 Positions to Get the Most Bang for Your Booty

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2023 / By Dirty Lola

You may be wondering, can a butt plug really be a couple's toy and the answer is YES!

Besides being a great way to experiment with double penetration during penetrative sex, butt plugs can be utilized in all kinds of play scenarios. They're great for first time anal masturbation, but they shine during partner play!

Take Remote-controlled plugs, for instance; they are excellent for play in and out of the bedroom. You can use a remote plug to spice up laundry day or make dinner a steamy affair. While remote-controlled plugs can be used during sex, there are other ways to incorporate plugs into sexy time with your partner that will leave your hands free to do other things. This is where finding a few good positions come in handy.

Missionary Plus

missionary anal sex position

The missionary position always gets a bad rap. For whatever reason, it was saddled with the reputation as the most boring position when it's actually one of the most versatile positions. What other position gives you complete body contact while making out and soul gazing??? Now add a plug, and you get another layer of sensation.

Because the wall between the anus and vaginal canal is so thin, you can feel every curve, ripple, or bead with a penis or fingers amping up the excitement level. Try the b-Vibe Twist or Swirl if textures turn you on. Want to kick it up another notch? Have the receiver (the person on the bottom) change their leg and hip positions. One or both legs pulled up towards the chest also gives more access to the giver ( the person on top), allowing them to hit all the good spots during penetration.

Another reason Missionary is so great is that it's not just for penetration with a penis or dildo. It's also an excellent position for grinding. The giver can easily grind against a plug while in Missionary, taking stimulation to a whole other level.

Double Doggy Dare

best anal sex position for doggy

Doggy is the classic anal sex position, so it makes sense that it would also be a great position to double the fun with plugged sex. Doggy gives the giver the ability to press a plug deeper with each stroke. Essentially stimulating two holes at once. If you love to tease and delay gratification, this position was made for that. The giver can pause and manipulate a plug or dildo with their hands teasing the receiver. Of course, the receiver can always take control and back into the giver. Topping from the bottom, if you will.

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Sleeping Booty

best anal sex position from behind

Sleeping Booty is a fantastic position for folks who have mobility issues as it takes the weight off of your knees, hips, elbows, and hands. The receiver lies face down with a pillow, bolster, or small sex wedge under their hips. They can rest on their head on another pillow for added comfort. This position gives you all the benefits of doggy without the aching joints. Another plus to this position is the giver can get creative with their stroke game. Try a one-leg lunge while you press against that plug and see what kind of magic happens.

Bedazzled Backward Cowgirl

cowgirl anal sex position

Bedazzled Backward Cowgirl is the perfect position for showing off those pretty sparkly plugs like b-Vibe's Vibrating Jewel Plug. In this position, the giver is on top, leaning forward while facing the receiver's feet. This gives the receiver a view of all the goodies. So if your partner is one of those fancy voyeurs who enjoy looking at pretty things during sex, this is the move. This is another great position for the receiver to have a bit of control. While the giver is riding, rocking, or grinding you both to orgasmville the receiver can add to the fun by manipulating the plug.

Oral Sensations

best anal sex position for oral

If you're not a big fan of vaginal penetration, or it's just one of those nights when you want your partner's mouth on your body, then it's a great night to break out the remote-controlled butt plugs. For the best access to your partner's juicy bits, you can revisit the Missionary Plus position with knees up to the chest or the Double Doggy Dare and Sleeping Booty if you prefer going down from behind. Once in place, the giver can wear a plug, and the receiver can use the remote to control the plug, so both parties are pleasuring one another simultaneously. Go the extra mile and have the giver and receiver each wear a plug for dual sensations. Don't have a remote-controlled plug? No problem, the giver is in the perfect position to manipulate the plug manually.

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