Anal sex training should be done repeatedly for greater backdoor pleasure
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Anal Training- It’s Not Something You Do Once!

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2021

Congratulations! You’ve gone through the process of Anal Sex Training. Perhaps you’ve found your love of anal play. Welcome to the world of backdoor pleasure! Now, you might wonder - what should I do next to take it to the next level?

*This article on anal sex training is a follow up to Anal Training 101: Moving from Hesitation to Penetration.

Let’s assume you have trained your anus to the capacity that you can comfortably enjoy a medium or large plug, a dildo, or even a penis.  However, a few days or weeks pass and you haven’t had any type of anal play. You might notice that you feel some resistance when attempting to play again. Take note- Anal Sex Training is not something you do once and from that point moving forward anything can officially go in your butt. 

Why should I keep up my anal sex training?

This is because the anus is surrounded by muscles. These muscles are known as sphincters. The double-ringed sphincter muscle keeps things inside your body, rather than permits things to enter. Which means that this strong muscle will return to tightening up after you have stopped continuous anal sex.

The two types of sphincter muscles around the anus tighten up if anal sex training is not done enough

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you’ve worked your way up to using a large vibrating butt plug, or that after taking a break you must start with something the size of our small butt plug, the Novice Plug. (Although, you can if you want to.  In fact, one of the best things about our Novice Plug is that it’s about the size of a finger and can be used by folks of all experience levels.) What this does mean, is that you should always listen to your body in your anal sex training.

Listen to your body when choosing plug sizes for your anal sex training

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Here are our top three tips for retraining your butt on a regular basis:

1. Start small (again) and work slowly your way up to larger sizes

"You can’t just decide you’re going to start having anal one day and then go for it, anchors away! Nope. Not a great idea. You need to start slowly. The anus is a muscle that needs to be worked up to having larger objects inserted. " - Teen Vogue

You’ll most likely find that your process is much quicker the second, third, and all future times.

Start small and work slowly your way up to larger sized plugs in your anal training

2. TPL: Time, Patience and Lube

TPL: Time, Patience and Lube are the key elements to have in your anal training

a. Time - Make sure you are in the right mind space to engage in anal play and not in a hurry. If penetration is your goal, slip in a Snug Plug, Novice Plug, or even the Trio Plug earlier in the day. Prepping alone, prior to butt, will allow you to enjoy penetration more later.

b. Patience - It may take some time to get to where you want with your anal play again. Resist the urge to be too goal-oriented and make the experience more about experiencing pleasure.

c. Lube - Remember that lube is always extremely important in any type of anal play and is a huge part of making the experience pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver. Don't be shy or stingy - more lube is better than less.

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3. Do Kegels

No, they aren’t just for vaginas! Kegels build up the entire pelvic floor muscles. This can also strengthen the muscles around the anal sphincter. So if you’re planning on a lifetime of backdoor penetration, Kegel exercises can be especially beneficial to your long-term butt health.

Two illustrations of a woman doing kegel exercises on a yoga mat with a butt plug on

Getting started with your anal sex training is easy:

a. Locate your pelvic floor muscles. Basically, squeeze your butt muscles as if you were holding in poo. Find em'?

b. Now tighten your pelvic floor and hold for 5 seconds and then release for five seconds. Try three or four times in a row and repeat until you can hold for 10 seconds.

c. Maintain your focus, remember to breathe, and avoid using other muscles like your abs or buttocks.

d. Aim to do three sets of 10 reps a day

e. Wanna kick it up a notch? Try placing a weighted Snug Plug into your butt while doing these exercises in your anal sex training. You’ll receive pleasure and the added benefit of flexing with weight.

A warning size with the text "slow & slippery" - they are the keywords to remember in your anal training

The key thing to remember when having anal sex training - or retraining - is to be kind to yourself. Don’t try to force anything into your anus that your body is not comfortable receiving fully. If it hurts, slow down, take a breather, and try something smaller. Use lots of lube and remember the butt play keywords- Slow and Slippery.

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