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How you breathe can massively impact anal intercourse
#Anal Play Advice

A Quickstart Guide to Pleasurable Anal Play: Part 2 – Breathe

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2021

One of the golden rules of pleasurable anal play is remembering to breathe and to relax, and relax some more.

If you hold your breath during anal sex, it can reduce how much pleasure your body can feel. People often talk about stretching the anus, but it's actually relaxation that helps opens the anus and rectum - and there's a way you can breathe to do that.

When you breathe, make your exhalations longer than your inhalations. Though you can easily control your outer sphincter muscle at will, the inner sphincter ring is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Deep breathing causes a physiological shift in the aforementioned system, which encourages relaxation and makes it easier to open up.


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Start off by inhaling on a two-count and slowly exhale on a four-count. Imagine that you're breathing out through a straw. Repeat this without pausing. As you relax, you can extend to a three-six or even a four-eight count. The exact number doesn't matter, as long as you're exhaling longer.

Pleasurable anal sex isn't just about the receiver, the giver can also put this technique to use. If the giver is more relaxed, the receiver will be able to feel that, which will also help them follow along.

The next time you shower, practice slow and rhythmic breathing to relax and contract your sphincter muscles. You can experiment with a lubed-up finger to feel the changes in muscle tension. The breathing technique is something you can practice, even if you aren't in the shower or having anal sex.

Here is a GIF you can use to practice how you breathe and make anal sex pain-free and pleasurable.

how to breathe to enhance anal play

Set a timer for two minutes and breathe with the animation. Pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after. You’ll see what a difference this can make.

This week's topic is A Quickstart Guide to Pleasurable Anal Play.

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