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How to incorporate food into sex
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Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and Anal: How to Incorporate Food Into Your Hole-idays

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024 / By Zachary Zane

There are two great physical pleasures in the world: food and sex. So, naturally, people want to combine them. Whipped cream, blueberries, chocolate, milk, even pasta sauce—you can add any food or drink into your sex life.

In fact, I was once at my friend's place—and before it turned into an orgy—my partner of the time and I inhaled the chicken salad. We were famished, and since we were both wildly messy eaters, it ended up all over us. This somehow led my partner to put salad on my penis before going down on me. While they did their thing, chicken salad started oozing out of the sides of their mouth. We had never done anything like that before, but we were both surprised to learn that we were very into it!

From a young age, we're told not to play with our food. But we're adults now, and we can! And playing with our food sexually is—simply put—fun. It's hard not to smile and laugh when you're spraying whipped cream on each other! But there are a bunch of other reasons why folks like incorporating food into their sex life.

Some folks like the texture. Food comes in all shapes and sizes, but there's something oddly satisfying about mushy textures oozing all over you. Some people like the stickiness of it. (However, for the love of God, don't use the chocolate sauce as lube unless you REALLY want a UTI.)

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Other folks love incorporating other senses into their sexual play. We tend to focus on touch, visuals, and audio when having sex and focus less on taste and smell. By adding food, you can get all your senses involved, enhancing your sexy time.

Then, temperature play is a component of food play. A frozen strawberry feels cool against the lips. Hot edible oils can heat things up in the bedroom, literally.

Of course, there are also some kinkier things you can do with food play, like purging it (Emetophilia), incorporating breast milk, or having a feeder/gainer relationship. (I'm not going to delve into these kinks because they are on the more fetish/advanced spectrum of food play, but that's why Google exists!)

That said, here are some of the best ways to incorporate food into your sexual repertoire. After all, the holiday season is upon us, and there's always leftover gravy and cranberry sauce, so why not put it to good use?

1. Lick up the sauce.

Gently drizzle sauce onto your partner's naked body. You can even heat up the sauce if you like; just make sure it's not too hot or you'll burn your partner! I typically prefer less sticky sauces, but it really can be anything. Chocolate sauce is a staple, but you can use gravy, marinara, hot sauce, or anything you want! After your partner is covered, lick up every single damn part of their body.

Man licking sauce off his partner's back during sex

Pro tip: You don't want to put any sauce directly into the vagina or anus! Ranch dressing is DEFINITELY going to mess up your pH balance!

2. Feed each other slowly.

I can't explain why, but there's something oddly sensual about feeding your partner. I think it's the eye contact that comes with it, and there's also a focus on the mouth, tongue, and lips (sexy body parts!).

Lesbian couple feeding each other during sex

Then there's a power dynamic that comes with feeding since the last time most of us were fed was when our parents spooned us with "Here comes the airplane." So there's a "Daddy" or "Mommy" dynamic that many find out.

3. Bathe in it.

This is for folks who know they are into food play. It's not for someone who's starting to dabble. But you can fill up your bathtub with milk, marinara sauce, nacho cheese—whatever you damn want. Also, you don't have to fill up the WHOLE tub. Obviously, that would be a lot of salsa, but just a thin layer can work. Then you two, well, bathe in it. You make out. You rub it all over each other's bodies. You lick off. You have FUN with it. (Yes, I'll admit, it's a little wasteful, but doing this once in a blue moon isn't the end of the world! Recycle extra hard that month!)

Couple bathing in juice in the bath tub and having sex

I know I keep belaboring this point, but seriously, have fun with it. Food, more so than other kinks, should be FUN. It should be silly. It should make you smile. All too often, we take sex too seriously. We worry about how your faces and bodies look from certain angles. We're nervous about finishing. We're worried we won't be able to satisfy our partner. Food cuts through all that nonsense by inherently being playful, so take advantage and have some carefree fun!


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