3 Porn stars share their best tips on getting fisted
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Why These Porn Stars Love Getting Fisted

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022 / By Zachary Zane

I have never been fisted. Have I fisted other men's anuses? Oh, absolutely. The first time I did It, I was shocked by two things. First, where the heck did my arm just go? I was perplexed by the human anatomy. Second, I was surprised by just how much pleasure he was having. I thought it would be a "grin and bear it" type thing, or even a BDSM pain-related thing. Not at all. He was in no pain whatsoever. He was, however, moaning in ecstasy, with his eyes rolling to the back of his head. He then actually ejaculated and orgasmed hands-free, without touching his penis!

After the first time I fisted a man, I understood why people like it. The intensity of the pleasure is overwhelming to feel so damn filled. It's why it's on my bucket list to get fisted, but since I have never been fisted myself, I figured it would be more helpful to talk to a few aficionados to learn how they prefer for getting fisted and what they love about having a hand up their bum!

Disclaimer: The following interviews are not medical professionals. Any information given in this article should not be considered as a medical consultation. Discuss with your doctor if you are considering any deep colon cleansing exercises or experience any discomfort with anal play.

You're going to hear from (and all links are NSFW, btw!):

— Sherman Maus, 40

— Champ, 37

— Oinkhole, 32

How do you prepare for getting fisted?

MAUS: "I try to leave a large gap between eating and playing and eat lots of fiber and probiotics the few days before playing. I use a large rubber hose that reaches my sigmoid colon for cleaning. Sometimes I will clean, then use toys and my hands to coax any leftovers out of my insides. I'll also pop in a large butt plug and wear it around for 15-30 minutes, occasionally pushing it in deeper, to help loosen myself up."

How to prepare for getting fisted

CHAMP: "There's never a spontaneous fisting scenario for me. I plan and give myself ample time before and after for prep and self-care. I usually dial down down my diet—no spicy or fatty foods and nothing hard to digest like red meat. This usually starts the day before, as does my first clean-out. On the day of, I always start my morning with yoga to stretch my body. I'll do my first shower of the day and check in on my bowels with another clean-out and some toy stretches to open me up. If it goes well, I'll do a spot check [checking for feces/cleanliness] later, but I probably won't need a lot of time to do it. I'll eat oatmeal and either a salad or some green juice. Lots of water too! After my last spot check or full-on clean-out, I'll take an Immodium to slow down my digestion. If I'm hosting, I'll set up the sling or bed area with enough towels nearby and pads to catch lube. Oh, and a good, long music playlist!"

Master how to prepare for anal sex like a pro!

OINKHOLE: "I first have to be in the mood for getting fisted (similar to any other type of sexual activity). I prefer to connect and socialize with my fist partner before play. A drink and quick catch up, just like you would with any other friend. Regarding my body, I use a shower hose attachment. I typically clean out for 30 minutes to an hour (mind you, I'm cleaning out pretty deep at times). I like to let my body rest a bit after douching. Right before playing, I will do a spot-check in the bathroom before getting fisted."

What is it that you psychologically arousing about getting fisted?

MAUS: "The dedication of fisting, the audacity of the act, and the setting it provides are a big part of why I've stuck with this hobby so long. Sharing the abnormal sensations with someone who has agreed to stick their entire hand in. your ass is amazing. Having someone sit three to four feet from you carrying full-on conversations about things completely unrelated to sex is a huge turn-on for me!"

CHAMP: "I love having the connection that can only come when another man has his hand(s) inside me. I can only be fisted when I've completely relaxed and let go. Getting fisted feels immensely pleasurable because it causes a complete, full-body relaxed state (including mental). It helps me release all pent-up frustrations and control issues as I quiet my mind and completely give in to fisting headspace. When the right rhythm is achieved, it's an intense rush of pride and confidence that releases the sexual beast within me, pushing boundaries (safely) and finding a give and take power exchange with my top. It can be unbelievably emotional sometimes, especially with how vulnerable it can make you feel."

OINKHOLE: "Getting fisted is a form of meditation for me. It involves me giving up control mentally and physically as the bottom. Breathing patterns (or 'yoga breath' if you're a yogi) are key to relaxing when it comes to getting fisted. Practicing a steady breath pattern helps ease my mind into a meditative state."

What does it feel like to get fisted

What does getting fisted feel like, physically?

MAUS: "It doesn't feel like anal sex. It does not feel like a large penis. It is an entirely different sensation. The first time I was getting fisted, I screamed 'GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT' until the top (softly) removed his hand. It wasn't that it hurt, but it was too much for me to handle. The pleasure section of my brain felt like a warehouse of fireworks set ablaze, and I just couldn't take it for more than a second or two. The physical sensation and result of being fisted ranges from feeling like I'm sprinting to the top of the hill with a prize at the top, to out-of-body experiences, to sudden eruptions of emotion that seem to pull psychological plugs deep from my mind."

CHAMP: "It feels phenomenal. As the top starts prying my hold open with a few fingers or toys, I love relaxing and letting him in and showing off my hole. With enough lube and an empty brain, I'm able to get a hand inside in about two to three minutes. Then there's the pop that a hand makes as it fully enters the first time that feels so good. Then the in and out that just drives me wild with anal pleasure and complete body relaxation. Lastly, there are the anal orgasms. The way my body spasms and the sounds that come out of me—it's completely animalistic, and I love every damn second of it."

OINKHOLE: "Getting fisted is intense but obviously pleasurable. It's often a wave of physical sensations that take over my body. Post-fisting I feel relaxed, and my body's left tingling as if all my worries were wiped away—a term my friends and I call 'fistmatized.'" 


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