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One of the best ways to shape your butt is by doing squats

Butt Care 101: How to Take Care of Your Butt

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2023 / By Gigi Engle

Sex educator Gigi Engle shares the best butt care tips on getting your patootie primed for play!

Have you wanted to try some butt stuff but are a bit nervous? Are you worried that your booty isn't up to snuff? We have you covered from cheek to bunghole. Check out this guide to external butt care tips and learn how to take care of your butt like a pro!

Butt Care Tips for Basic B's

1. Do your squats!

Want to add some extra curvature to your keister? Get your squat on. Squats are the best way to tone and lift your butt and enhance what you've got for a rounder, fuller look. We all need workouts that focus less on pant size and more on booty worship! So, get your squat on, baby!

Butt care begins by looking after your sphincter first

2. Get serious about ass care

Did your butt hole automatically clench at the word "sphincter"? That's OK. We're not going to unload on you (We're so sorry. Please don't unfollow us!). Anyway, now that we've gotten that seriously bad dad joke out of the way, let's talk about strengthening your sphincter. This means doing your Kegel exercises. Yep, they're for the booty too.

Your pelvic floor is a hammock-lick set of muscles that support all of your lower organs. They are responsible for holding everything from the uterus to your bowels. Therefore, keeping them strong is key to a healthy butt-love life. To locate them, try tightening your butt hole. Do you get why we made the joke now? You've found the pelvic floor already, friends!

DIET & IBS: What to eat before anal and how to have anal sex with IBS.

Each day, flex and release your butt hole. Start with ten reps and slowly work your way up to fifty. If you have digestive issues or IBS, be sure to speak with a healthcare provider before trying these exercises.

3. External cleanse that butt hole

A clean butt hole and crack are critical to happy and healthy butt play. Your anus is a breeding ground for bacteria. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with licking (AKA analingus), touching, or penetrating the butt hole, but you should do so with caution. Unlike the vagina, a self-cleaning organ that does not require soap, the anus is a different story.

A clean butt hole is essential to happy and healthy anal play

Because poop comes out from your bum, it's important to cleanse the butt crack and the area surrounding the butt hole. We prefer a mild, fragrance-free cleanse. Dove's Classic Soap is one of the best soaps for buttocks. Keep in mind that this is all for external cleansing. If you're looking for internal cleansing tips, check out the most popular online guide about anal cleaning.

4. Get yourself a bidet or butt crack cleaner

Bidets are a godsend. Seriously. They are the creme de la creme of accessories for butt care and butt crack cleaning. They work by shooting water into the butt crack in order to fully wash out the area after pooping (or whenever, really, it's your butt). If you're going to make butt play a regular part of your sex routine, a bidet or an enema bulb are both worthy purchases. Since most of us worry that our butt holes will smell or not be "clean" enough, we might need something a little extra to go to ButtTown.

The problem? Most people don't think they can "afford" a bidet. They feel pretty Marie Antoinette tbh.

Luckily, the Colt Advanced Shower Shot is here to save the day. It works precisely how a bidet does and doubles up as an anal douche. You hook it on to your shower, sink, or bath, and for less than $100, you get the cleanest butt hole in the world. In what world?! This world. This one.

5. Learn how to tame a hairy butt

Have a hairy butt? This is the case for every single human on this, the planet Earth. Your butt hairs are there to protect your delicate anus from bacteria or infection. Everything has a purpose. With that being said, if you're just not down for the hairy butt life, you can always remove them.

This should ONLY be done via waxing by a licensed professional. Shaving your butt hole or butt crack or using irritating hair removal creams can cause tearing (AKA anal fissures), infection, and allergic reactions. Your anal skin is too delicate for that nonsense. If you want to go hairless, go to the salon and consult an esthetician.

Not-so-sexy-sidenote: Keep in mind that removing hair from the pubic region has been shown to heighten the risk of STI transmission. Be sure to use a latex condom or covering whenever engaging in sexual activity with a new partner and get tested for STIs regularly.

After waxing, use a soothing gel like 100% Aloe Vera or coconut oil. Avoid thong underwear, thong bathing suits, or butt play for 24 hours to minimize irritation.

6. Dealing with hemorrhoids

There's no easy way around this: hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the ass! There are a whole host of reasons why people get them, all having to do with putting pressure on the lower bowel. Hemorrhoids are usually temporary and can be treated with topical creams.

To avoid them, be sure to stick to a high fiber diet, don't strain when you're taking a poo, and when doing anal sex, be extremely gentle. This means listening to your body when you're engaging in anal play. If something hurts, stop and take a minute to reassess. Anal play should NEVER hurt. Use lots of lube, communicate with your partner, and re-visit your anal training routine regularly.

If you're someone who regularly has or currently has hemorrhoids, anything involving butt play may not be the best choice for you. If you're super interested in getting your butt hole in gear for anal play, consult your physician. Having active hemorrhoids is not a state you want to be in if you're receiving anal stimulation.

On the other hand, this may be a great opportunity to engage with a partner's rear. You'll want to communicate openly and honestly by talking about anal and wanting to explore the region. If you can't get booty play, giving it might be an alternative option.

Advanced Butt Care Tips

For the more committed amongst us, some tips go beyond the wash, rinse, and repeat level of butt care. We respect those who are so very committed to caring for your anus and butt cheeks that you want to go to the next level, treating your rump with the same care you would your face. Enter: THE BUTT FACIAL.

Butt facials and butt masks can help take care of your buttocks

1. Butt Facials

Butt facials are, you guessed it, facials for your butt. These buttcials are centered around your butt cheeks - but there is some love to give the butt hole, too. If you've been looking to get that bum perked and plush, butt facials are going to be your next big skincare love affair.

Step One: Cleanse

Start in the shower with your favorite cleanser. Mild is always better. Classic Dove moisturizing body wash is a tried and true favorite for butt care. Cleanse the cheeks, and wash your butt crack and anus. Be gentle. You don't need to rinse out the inside of the anal opening.

Step Two: Exfoliate

Then grab an exfoliating mitt (a loofa also works, but a mitt makes it easier to reach the whole butt cheek, underside and all). Scrub down your butt cheeks in concentric circles. Be sure to focus on the whole cheek, paying attention to the underside of the cheek (where it meets your thigh).

Step Three: Serum

Serum delivers hyper-potent skincare and is a must-have pre-moisturizer skincare step. Now, here is the idea: Serums are expensive AF. So, when it comes to butt cheeks, stick with something economical. We love the serums by Soap and Glory.

Step Four: Moisturize

Should you moisturize your bum? It's up to you, but why wouldn't you?

To soften your butt cheeks, feel free to use your favorite moisturizer. You don't need to buy any special, butt-centric creams. If you want to get an extra lift, look for an ingredient like Vitamin E to wake up tired skin. There are plenty of cult favorites out there, but our favorite is The Butters Palm Grease. Its combination of all-natural fatty acids helps to even skin tones, reduce wrinkles and blemishes, and helps your skin heal faster. Plus, it works great as a high-viscosity lube!

Your butt hole can get a bit tender, especially if you're rocking thong underwear and bathing suits. The skin of the anus, as we've ~discussed~, is moisture-rich and very delicate. This means you should NOT go slathering on some fragrance-forward moisturizer on your butt hole. OK? Stick with 100%, organic coconut oil. You can also use the Coconut Love Oil from Woo More Play. A couple of drops is all you need. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after application thoroughly.

2. Butt Masking

Listen up A+ Butt Carers: If you're really feeling frisky, you'll want to throw a mask in between steps two and three during your butt facial routine. We know you don't mess around and that's the kind of energy we need in our lives right now.

Butt masking is a great way to give those cheeks some extra love. Much like your face, your butt cheeks can get dried out and cranky. Relieve that butt-fatigue with a sheet mask... for your butt. Yes, there are sheet masks made just for your ass. Don't pretend like you don't love it.

The type of mask will depend on your skin type. If you're looking to retexturize and detoxify your booty, Slap It by BAWDY is the mask for you. It's caffeine loaded with aloe and orange peel to exfoliate and hydrate for a super smooth, plump behind.

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Butt Slap It Butt Mask
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Or, if you're looking to firm and sculpt your cheeks, BAWDY's Shake leaves your booty plump with an instant glow.

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Bawdy Shake It Butt Mask
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