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Instagram influencer Dirty Lola shares the best tips on how to take a good booty pic

How to Take a Butt Selfie

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2024 / By Dirty Lola

You finally got your selfie game on point, but how about your belfie AKA butt selfie game? Yes, I said belfie! Dirty Lola gives a 101 masterclass on how to take a booty pic.

What is a butt selfie?

If you've taken a scroll through Instagram anytime ever, you've probably seen a belfie AKA ass selfie AKA butt selfie or two (and if you follow me on IG @dirtylola, you've most definitely seen at least one). Taking pictures of one's ass has become a phenomenon that I fully support.

I love seeing so many people with different body types celebrating their booties, and I want you to celebrate yours too. I know it might seem silly to take booty pics, but I genuinely believe that there is power in self-appreciation. The only issue I have with belfies (besides the weird name) is that they can be hard to take, but don't worry. I got you! I'm going to share some tips and tricks on how to take good booty pics so that you, too, can be a part of this Summer of Buns Celebration.

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How to take a butt selfie

Step 1: Get in Gear

Now I'm sure you think all you need to take a good booty pic is a smartphone, but unless you're super flexible, it's going to take more than that to make belfie magic.

I recently invested in a ring light kit for shooting videos and teaching online classes that include a phone holder and a wireless remote. The hidden bonus in this work investment was how much it stepped up my belfie game. If this seems too extreme a flex for you, you can take it down a notch and purchase a selfie stick. That is if you don't already have one lying around the house. Selfie sticks allow you to capture shots from angles you can't achieve with your arms alone.

Of course, you can keep things simple and go for the classic butt selfie in a full-length mirror, but this limits you to over the shoulder and profile shots. If you want a wider variety of poses, find a safe place to prop up your phone, and use the photo timer.

Step 2: Let There Be Lighting

When it comes to lighting, keep it soft and natural. Camera flashes and overhead lights can be harsh and create shadows that won't flatter your curves and can make them blend into the background.

Soft natural light is easier to work with, and you'll find it more forgiving of the imperfections you may not want on full display. If you're lucky enough to be in a space that gets a lot of natural light during the daytime, use it! If not, you'll want to stick to lamps and a ring light.

Play around with positioning the lights in different spots around the room until you find a lighting level that feels good to you.

Step 3: Dress the Part

When it comes to taking great butt selfies, the fewer clothes, the better! But you don't need to get nude (unless you want to).

One of the best ways of lifting the booty while teasing to social media censorship acceptability is a jockstrap. These sporty, sexy rump lifters frame the botty while boosting your cheeks with support. They also give off a jock vibe if you're wanting to add to your viewer's fantasies.

High-waist bikini briefs are another cheeky way to show some booty while still keeping your crack covered. These undies keep your coy with front and back coverage but are side cut all the way to the waistband to showcase that side-butt.

Sexy lingerie is another great choice for those feeling elegant and erotic. Feeling pretty and sexy shouldn't be limited to the gender binary, so lacy thongs and garter belts make a fabulous frame for your fanny, regardless of your body type.

Learn how to take a good booty pic in our butt selfie guide by sex educator Dirty Lola

Hipster panties, thongs, and cheeky panties are all great for emphasizing the curve of your booty. If that's still too risque for you, you can always wear tight clothing that hugs your curves. And if you're looking for a less revealing look, any form-fitting underwear or swimwear will get the job done, just make sure that you find quality keister coverers that lift your booty (patterns and colors work well here) and make sure there are no (unintentional) holes.

What are the best booty pic poses?

Now there is no one-size-fits-all pose or booty pic angle that is going to make everyone's ass look amazing because butts come in so many shapes and sizes. However, I invite you to play around with different poses and camera angles until you find your backsides good side.

If you need a little encouragement, here are some classic boudoir photo poses to start with.

Booty Pic Pose #1 — The Tushy Pop

Lie on your belly, arch your back and lift your hips, so your butt pops.

The tushy pop booty pic pose is a great position for those with flat butts

This pose helps create the illusion of roundness for folks who don't have much junk in the trunk, but it also works perfectly for those who do.

Booty Pic Pose #2 — From Below

This one seems like more of a crotch shot, but bear with us...

Sit reclining back on either a pillow or your arms with your legs spread at the camera, your feet can either be apart or touching in a butterfly stretch position to flex your hamstrings and glutes even more (they don't need to be in frame, #NoFeetForFree). This pose separates your booty and gives each cheek a chance to shine for the coveted "under-butt" view.

Best pose to take a booty pic from below

This ass selfie pose emphasizes your hips, giving you the hourglass look so many people are fond of. You can kick this pose up a notch by wearing heels or standing on your tiptoes.

Booty Pic Pose #3 — Sitting

Sit with your body angled slightly away from the camera.

The easiest way to take a good booty pic is by sitting down and accentuating your curves

This will create a nice curve to your backside. To increase the curve, arch your back. I know it might seem counter-intuitive to sit when you're trying to take butt selfies, but it's a great pose for people with butts on the flatter side.

Booty Pic Pose #4 — From The Side

Turn to the side, arch your back, and pop your booty.

Taking a booty pic from the side is another great angle for folks with flatter bums

You can play around with the positioning of your legs to add more roundness to your butt. This belfie pose will give your booty a nice round heart shape.

I hope you found these butt selfie tips to be helpful! The main thing that I want you to take away from this is that you don't need to have an Instagram model perfect butt to indulge in taking belfies. The art of the butt selfie revolves around capturing the majesty of your Booty Meats no matter your body type, and most importantly, having fun while you do it.


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