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Visit the expert advice section on our website for a complete guide on how to have safe and pleasurable anal sex.
#Anal Play Advice

Expert Advice

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The b-Vibe website features Expert Advice, also known as Anal Play 101, with tips on how to get started with anal play. With any form of anal play, the key to success is starting slow.Let's begin with the anal anatomy. The anal sphincter is strong yet delicate. Start gently, with a finger or a small anal plug, and gradually work towards increasing larger items. Remember, the more relaxed and comfortable you are the easier insertion will be. Take your time; it’s not a race!

anal play is like the tortoise and hare fable whereby slow and steady wins the (anal) race

Enjoy the new sensations and of course, make sure to use plenty of lube! Not sure which lubricant to purchase? We've put together a small guide on the best lubricant for anal play. b-Vibe products are made with * silicone, a body-safe material that works perfectly with a thick, high viscosity lubricant such as a water-based gel.

* Never use silicone lubricant with b-Vibe or any silicone products as it may damage the material of the item. 

b-Vibe’s Expert Advice page also offers “Bum Protection” tips to ensure safety, and advises on how to keep toys clean.

b-Vibe is dedicated to spreading awareness about sexual well-being and pleasure with a fun, friendly approach. The high-end design of the Rimming Plug is combined with engaging branding and marketing, which is focused on conveying sex education. B-Vibe will be providing retailers with eye-catching displays packed with information that consumers are seeking.

b-Vibe is set to ship to retailers worldwide this month! Stay tuned to b-Vibe for the latest company news. For sales, email

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