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After the O’s: Anal Sex Aftercare

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2024

Feeling sore? Not sure what to do after having anal sex? We've got your back! Here's our first-time guide on recovery and anal sex aftercare.

What is Anal Sex Aftercare?

Aftercare or anal sex aftercare is the intentional caretaking of a sexual partner after sex, typically by the penetrating partner on behalf of the receiver. Aftercare allows us to thank our partners for sharing themselves with us and reminds them that our concern for their pleasure and well-being doesn’t stop with the orgasms.

Though anal aftercare has been championed by the kink and pegging community, all sex involves an exchange of power. And anal sex, especially so. Anal pleasure has long been rooted in shame and taboo. This makes anal sex extremely hot, but also, extremely vulnerable. Learn why caring for your partner post-anal sex is just as important as having it.

How Do I Perform Anal Sex Aftercare?

Anal sex aftercare doesn't need to be overly sentimental or grand — it just needs to be an intentional display of appreciation and responsibility post-anal sex. Whatever you do, follow our aftercare general rule that the higher you fly, the softer you should pad the landing.

While gently fingering ass for the first time might require a simple "How's your tush feeling?", a long session of anal penetration will likely require much more. Here are our golden rules and five things to do after anal sex:

1. First, check in with your partner.

The penetrating partner (sometimes identified as the Top) should recognize that their endorphins and adrenaline are likely to be lower than their partner who has just received anal sex (AKA the "receiver" or the Bottom). This means that the receiver may not yet be able to feel if they are sore or mentally present enough to ask directly for what they need as they bask in their after-sex glow.


Anal aftercare is most seamless if you've talked with your partner before having sex, about what they typically like to have available after anal sex. If you don't know your partner's anal aftercare plan, giving them a hydrating drink (avoid alcohol) and a blood-sugar-raising snack (like a bar of chocolate or fruit) are good choices.

2. Treat your tush to a sitz bath.

Anal tissues are delicate, and it's normal for them to be sore after anal sex. Gentle baby wipes can help with cleanup, but anal sex is a pressured act, and discomfort can occur from time to time.

A simple solution to help you feel better is to take a warm sitz bath with Epsom salts. It can feel purifying, pampering, and practical for sore muscles and provide instant relief. Take a sitz bath for 10 to 20 minutes or use a warm compress. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat foods with high fiber content to help make bowel movements less painful as you heal. If discomfort or pain persists, consult a doctor.

Need a complete 101? Sex educator Gigi Engle shares the best tips on how to take care of your butt like a seasoned pro.

3. Praise your partner.

Anal sex can make someone especially vulnerable. So, remind your partner about everything you liked during your anal play session with them. Reduce shame by chatting about everyday things you'd normally discuss while snuggling in bed and always ask if there's anything else they need.

Communication and praising your partner after anal sex is an essential part of aftercare.

4. Don't forget your tops!

If your partner is new to providing anal stimulation and penetration, let them know what you loved, what you'd like to see more of next time, and what you might change. Most importantly, finish with a compliment.

5. Wash up.

If you're an avid reader of our Anal Academy, you'll know that anal hygiene is essential to having great anal sex and keeping your booty in top shape, before and after. The anus contains specific bacteria -- unique to its ecosystem -- that shouldn't be shared with other orifices or surfaces.

Anal aftercare isn't just limited to your bum but also your towels, toys, and sheets.

Launder dirty towels, properly dispose of used latex barriers, and thoroughly wash your toys in soapy hot water.

PSA: It isn't a good idea to use an enema after anal sex as there could be microtears (AKA anal fissures) in the anus that could be irritated with a chemical enema or infected if tap water from some regions is used in the bulb.

After a few hours, you might treat your booty to a calming butt mask to help your skin recover and stay silky smooth.

Why is Anal Sex Aftercare Important?

The main reason anal sex aftercare is essential is that it's an investment for your sexual future! The better you care for your partner, the safer they'll feel in bringing sexual explorations to new levels.


Found this article on recovery and anal sex aftercare helpful? Get ready to step up your anal play sessions another notch by trying out new analingus techniques, spanking during anal, or going one step further with ass fisting. And remember, don't forget to train for anal before you try larger toys or penises or go without sex for long periods.

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