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How to have better anal sex in 2023
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Better Sex in the New Year: Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Butt

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2024

As we all welcome the New Year, the time has come to make resolutions for better sex. With our peaches in the present, we're laying out our resolutions for the New Year and encourage you to sexplore with your best cheek forward.

Here are the top 5 resolutions for your butt in the new year.

1. Wear a Butt Plug in Public

Not all resolutions have to be about drastic life changes. Some resolutions can be purely focused on some new adventurous fun.

Have you ever worn a butt plug in public before?

If you haven't, you're missing out on an exciting new way to go through your day. Whether you're wearing your plug while out shopping for groceries or on a conference call at work, wearing a plug in public is a fun way to shake up an otherwise boring day at work.

Pro tip: Remember to bring some biodegradable wipes and a Ziplock bag with you, in case the public fun becomes a bit too distracting before you can make your way home.

2. Commit to Your Kegels

Everyone has a pelvic floor full of muscles that contract upon climax in a symphony of intense pleasure.

Did you know that you can actually make your climax stronger by maintaining the strength of this muscle set through exercise?

The PC (pubococcygeal) muscles lining the pelvic floor are like any other muscles in the body — the stronger they are, the better they work!

Simply insert one of our Snug Plugs (if you're a PC muscles exercise beginner, we recommend the Snug Plug 2) and contract your pelvic floor, holding for 3 - 4 seconds or as long as possible. You may find it trickier than it sounds! Release when you need to, wait for a few beats, and repeat. Not only will your climaxes be more intense, but many find that the stronger their PC muscles are, the more control they have over when they climax. Kegels are also a fantastic way to anal train.

3. Try a Larger Size Butt Plug

Our b-Vibe line of products intentionally comes in a range of sizes because everyone has their own personal sweet spot. b-Vibe Snug Plugs also come in various sizes, from butt plug sets for beginners all the way up to our goliath Snug Plug 7, allowing you to size up no matter what level of bussybuilder you are.

Have you been using the same butt plug for a while now?

Try adding a larger size plug to the mix! Practicing with a plug a step up from what you're used to may seem intimidating for some at first, but if you set out to conquer this goal, you may unlock a whole new sensation of pleasure that you had been missing out on before.

Beyond that, the practice will further help strengthen your control over relaxing the sphincter muscles (a.k.a your booty hole), which will not only be pleasurable but will also make any future types of anal play a breeze!

4. Mix-n-Match Products

We hear from people all the time, "How do I use this?" and "Where does this go?" — Outside of general health-related tips, we aren't big fans of telling people how things should be used, but rather brainstorming creatively around how things could be used!

For instance: You may love your butt plug to pieces, but have you ever tried pressing a wand vibrator against the base of your plug while it's inserted?

The powerful rumbles of a wand massager, typically used to massage your... ermm... back... *cough cough* add a new intense sensation to an already pleasurable pastime! Go ahead, Macgyver, get creative with your toolbox of toys during your next solo anal play session!

5. Pay it Forward

Giving gifts to friends and lovers is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, so why not share the love and give the gift of b-Vibe, or our sister brand, Le Wand? Not sure how? Here are 6 proven tips on how to gift a butt toy!

Some folks might scoff at the idea of giving a friend a butt plug for their birthday, worry that doing so would be awkward and embarrassing and... well, let's face it, depending on your relationship with your friend, it might get a laugh at first.

But think of all those times you enjoyed your plug and imagine how grateful your friends will be that you introduced them to this exciting way to achieve better sex in New Year!

And who knows, they may also have some tips and tricks to share with you as well.


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