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How to gift anal sex toys
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6 Proven Tips on How to Gift a Butt Toy

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

An important occasion or holiday is upon you and you've decided to spread the love by spreading some holes. A b-Vibe butt toy is just the ticket! But even if you've decided you want to share the pleasures of anal play, you might not be entirely sure how to breach the... topic.

Here are our 6 top tips for making sure your b-Vibe butt toy will be well received and enjoyed:

Butt Toy 101: When in Doubt, Gauge Interest

If you're at the point in a relationship to be gifting a sex toy, then asking your recipient about it shouldn't be a nerve-wracking experience. But if you're concerned about how your gift might be received, or if you're still at the "figuring out" stage of your relationship, it's a good idea to check in beforehand to gauge their interest in playing with butt toys.

Always gauge interest before buying a butt toy

Ask them a question like, "I've been fantasizing about trying a butt plug with you and I'm wondering if that's something you might be interested in too?" or "I'm curious about what the sensation of anal beads feels like. Do you want to try them with me?".

MASTER: A sex expert's guide on how to bring up anal sex with your partner!

If your potential giftee seems interested or excited, proceed with your plan to give a b-Vibe gift. If their response is a clear no, back off for now. Maybe fingers (think anal massage) are a good place to start.

Butt Toy 101: Consider Your Giftee 

Does the person that you are gifting have any experience with butt toys or sex toys in general? Have you used them together? What do they love or hate about their existing collection? Do they like vibration? Are remote controls a must?

Always consider who you are buying a butt toy for

Take all these things into account before you pick out their present. You wouldn't want to gift a large Rimming Plug 2 butt plug to someone who has never even had a finger in their butt.

If the person you are gifting to is your sexual partner, consider what you know of their pleasure points from the bedroom. Are they into analingus? If so, then consider purchasing a Rimming Anal Toy. Are they looking to size up or have difficulty handling a penis or their current toys? Then consider an Anal Training Set.

If your giftee is not your sexual partner, then it is safe to air on the side of caution and go for a more neutral toy, such as the Novice Plug or the Trio Plug, which are a more all-around and beginner to intermediate experience.

Butt Toy 101: Do Your Research

A good gifter is an educated gifter, and b-Vibe has you covered! All products from b-Vibe's collection come with a user manual that's unique to the item, as well as a guide to anal pleasure to help ease you or your giftee into the most euphoric anal experience imaginable.

Additionally, our Anal Academy offers hundreds of articles and resources for exploring yourself or your partner's body and how to best activate various erogenous zones during anal for all body types. Do your research and discover the different way anal plugs can stimulate your pleasure points to understand best what you and your partner would like.

Butt Toy 101: How to Choose An Anal Play Product

b-Vibe produces butt toys for all levels of anal play

A few quick rules of thumb:

1. Beginners should always start small with something the size of the Novice Plug or the Snug Plug 1.

2. Folks who've inserted a few fingers or already played with small butt plugs will enjoy something medium size, like the Trio Plug, Stainless Anal Beads Plug, or Rimming Plug Petite.

3. Anal enthusiasts, who enjoy large-size butt plugs, will love the Rimming Plug 2Rimming Plug XL, or the Snug Plug 7.

Still having trouble picking the perfect anal toy? Take our Find Your b-Vibe Quiz — the booty gear of your dreams is only a few clicks away!

Butt Toy 101: Be Discreet

Regardless of how lovely you package your b-Vibe gift, unwrapping a butt plug at the family function might not be the most ideal situation for your giftee or the audience.

Be discreet whenever gifting a butt toy

Consider the location and how you gift your present. Many people consider sex toys to be a very intimate and unspoken part of their lives; we aren't all sexual pleasure writers, after all!

If you are unsure of their reaction (or the reactions of others around you), it is best to err on the side of intimacy and present your present in a comfortable location. Working your gifting style into your intimate play could even result in them being tested immediately :)

Butt Toy 101: Include Lube

There's literally nothing worse than receiving a butt toy without lubricant. Lube is a MUST for all types of anal play, including for use with butt plugs and anal beads.

Remember to include lube when gifting a butt toy

Make sure to buy a high-quality water-based lube or even some coconut oil lubricant so that your gift can be used right away. You might want to even consider a sex toy cleaner or splurge out on a signature UV Sterilizer Pouch.

p.s. Looking for something beyond anal toys? You might want to snag yourself a wand massager.


New to anal play? We recommend diving into the 5 principles of Anal — anal prep, analingus, anal fingering, anal masturbation, and anal training!

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