Use this retailer support article and create great visual merchandising to attract customers
Pimp Your Vibe Part 3: Be a Merchandising Maven

Presentation, or visual merchandising, can sometimes be more important than the products being sold. Would your store entrance appeal to customers? Are products easily accessible? Are you utilizing all components of your store and telling a good visual story?

Consider using POS materials and merchandising tools to enhance a user's shopping experience in-store
Pimp Your Vibe Part 2: The Impact of POS Materials and Merchandising

For many of us, shopping is much more than an errand — it’s a hobby, it’s a form of therapy. Have you ever wondered what it is about going into your favorite store that instantly perks you up, and ultimately gets you to open up your wallet?

b-Vibe's retailer support provides exceptional resources to help you market our products in-store and online
Pimp Your Vibe Part 1: b-Vibe Takes Charge

b-Vibe isn’t just committed to bringing top-notch information and know-how to consumers. We also are dedicated to empowering retailers with the most effective tools and tips for creating an in-store and online destination that’s inviting and easy to navigate. Read on for retailer support.