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Skin around the anus isn't self-lubricating so make sure to apply plenty of lube during anal play
Anal Anatomy: Part 3 – Taking Care of the Skin

In addition to relaxing the muscles of the anus, you also need to take care of the skin. The skin that covers the anal muscles is as sensitive as your lips (the ones on your face, for those folks with lips in other places).

Stress is ubiquitous but learning to relax can massively improve your chances of having great anal sex
Anal Anatomy: Part 2 – The Physical Response to Stress

Your body doesn’t care whether the stress is because you’ve been stuck in traffic, you had a bad day at work, or you’re nervous about anal play hurting (especially if you’ve had uncomfortable or painful experiences with it before). The worry and anxiety can make the anus tighten up. That …

Learning about the anal anatomy can be a huge benefit prior to performing anal play
Anal Anatomy: Part 1 – Two Rings of Muscle

Anal anatomy may not be the most glamorous topic but it’s well worth knowing your way around.

Materials matter when it comes to purchasing a body-safe sex toy for anal play
What is Body-Safe: Part 2 – Materials Matter

Thanks to today’s digital age, we as consumers are more conscious than ever when it comes to shopping for the safest products for our health and environment. Materials matter, and words like “organic,” “free-range” and “fair trade” now play a key role in the buying decisions of shoppers. When it …

Body-safe anal plugs made from silicone are highly recommended by certified sex experts
Sex Toy Safety: What is Body Safe?

Let’s talk about anal toys. Whether you love using them externally or inserting them in your butt, you need to make sure that they are not toxic. Here’s our certified guide on how to choose a body safe sex toy for anal play.

A recent study revealed a surprising stat on butt plugs and the rising demand for anal play
More Anal, Please: Part 2 – Anal Category Expanding Thanks to Growing Demand from Men and Women

Last year, U.K. sex toy retailer Lovehoney allowed researcher Jon Millward to analyze more than 1 million sex toy purchases and 45,000 product reviews to reveal what consumers are buying. Among Millward’s findings was that single straight men frequently buy butt plugs for solo anal play.

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Learn why anal play is becoming increasingly popular among all couples
More Anal, Please: Part 1

The verdict is in — anal play is becoming increasing popular among straight and gay couples. Why? As sex educator, writer and feminist adult filmmaker Tristan Taormino said in a 2001 article for Village Voice, “the asshole is the most democratic of all orifices — we all have one!”

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visit the expert advice section on our website for a complete guide on how to have safe and pleasurable anal sex
Expert Advice

The b-Vibe website features Expert Advice, also known as Anal Play 101, with tips on how to get started with anal play. With any form of anal play, the key to success is starting slow.

Best butt plug practices for beginners and advanced lovers of anal play. Learn these 4 recommended steps by certified sex experts.
b-Vibe Plug Guide to Pleasurable Anal Play

When it comes to pleasurable anal plug play, the key is to start slow and steady. Here’s our complete guide on how to use an anal plug — also known as a butt plug.